Northallerton Councillors

The Loony Party have recently gained two Town Councillors in Northallerton in North Yorkshire. ‘Paul the Political Poet’ and ‘Stew Exotic’ have declared their allegiance to the Loony Party, they were previously on the town council as independents.
Paul was a district councillor on Hambleton District Council and leader of the opposition group. He has met Rishi several times in campaigns to keep the main Post Office open and also working with the rail companies so that their changing timetables do not adversely affect the town businesses.
Paul met Rishi Sunak the day after he was nominated to stand again for the Conservative Party in the Richmondshire parliamentary constituency three weeks ago. Paul told him of the Loony Party’s intention to take the parliamentary seat of North Yorkshire in the May 2024 general election, Rishi was surprised and laughed!
Stew Exotic is a man who enjoys making people smile, he is a mix between a rock star, a comedian and an oil tycoon. He makes quotes such as “Be Exotic” which just means open yourself up to more fun and make light of bad situations. Stew Exotic loves tigers, fast cars and fossil fuels. You will often find Stew Exotic around a coal mine.
The Flying Brick

Sally James on James Whale

Lady Sally James is a special guest of Lord James Whale on TalkTV at 10pm – Saturday 3rd June.

Loony Party Museum Exhibition

The Loony 40th Anniversary exhibition has  opened in Ashburton Museum in Devon. The exhibition is planned to run till the end of September on our usual opening times (Tues, Thurs, Fri, Sat 2-4.0pm). We would love to see a few OMRLP members, especially those who remember the Golden Lion days.
Chris Thomas

Bob Potter

Anyone who has read my book ‘The Great White Hope’ will recognise the name of Bob Potter. He was my Manager and Agent way back in the late 50s early 60s when I was -‘going to be’- the next Rock’n’Roll star. He went on to become a top show business entrepreneur. His Lakeside club in Frimley Green Surrey, became the biggest and best entertainment venue in Great Britain. I appeared there a few times.
Alas he has passed away at the age of ninety four. I felt honoured and overawed to be a speaker at his funeral, along with Rick Wakeman, Jim Davidson and Lyn Paul of the New Seekers.
The funeral was held at the Lakeside Club and the show went on till the end, with the coffin on stage for all to pay their last respects.
He loved what we do, and told me he smiled when he saw any of us on stage next to the winner!

Loony Party Conference 2023

The Neuadd Arms Hotel, Llanwrtyd Wells, our Welsh HQ
Thurs 28th Fri – 29th Sat 30th September

A fun packed series of events lined up for you. Starting with a meet and greet on Thursday for the early arrivals, always a bit of nostalgia of events gone by. Friday a wander around town to make ourselves known.
Friday Evening in the Neudd entertainment by The Big Fibbers, and The Becca Ohara Band.
Saturday we will be touring the public houses with the Welsh CAMRA Society who are visiting the Heart of Wales Brewery in the town, which is owned by Lindsey in the Neuadd, so a brewery tour for all those interested. The local Brecon and Radnorshire MP Fay Jones wants to meet us with a view to getting a ‘Heart of Wales’ beer into the House of Commons. The BUMS, Border Urban Morris Side will entertain on the way round. I have some Blue Plaques to present to the Neuadd. Radio Alty from Manchester will be in attendance, along with a TV documentary crew who will be there for the weekend.
Later in the afternoon our world famous Cabinet Reshuffle will take place
Saturday evening The Big Fibbers can be seen, for those that missed them the night before, plus our old friend Dangerous Dave and his band. Also at any time BADAXE will fit in, someplace where he is allowed. Maybe Grippers and the Gurnards will make it, but that’s not definite.
Phew got out of breath writing this! If anyone wants to make a week of it you won’t be on your own as I’ll be there from Thurs 21st.
Howling ‘Laud’ Hope, Loony Party Leader.

Local Elections Thurs May 4th 2023

Well done to all our candidates that stood this time.
The complete results were as follows:
Farming Lord Dave – Denton South, Manchester 244
Earl Elvis – Elmwoth + Outwell Norfolk 188
Mad Mike Young – Sheppey Central Swale Kent 161
Baron Von Thunderclap – West Sussex County 150
Howling ‘Laud’ Hope – Hart District Hampshire 79
Sir Oinkalot – Northenden Manchester 57
Jumping Jack Flash – Fulwell Sunderland 40

Top of the class this time around of course is

Some good news Baron Von Thunderclap retained his seat on the Bolney Paris Council unopposed for the 3rd time running – So with . . .
Baron Von Thunderclap on BOLNEY Sussex
Howling ‘Laud’ Hope on FLEET Hampshire
Sir Giles Greenwood on BRIDGENORTH Shropshire
Sarah Mad Cow on LOWER CARLTON Lincolnshire
The Iconic Arty Pole on GREAT CARLTON Lincolnshire
We still maintain five seats between us.

Well done to you all, and those who helped. See you all at the Conference in September in Wales if not before.
Details now finalised, will be up on this page very soon. Keep an eye open!
Howling ‘Laud’ Hope, Loony Party Leader

OFFICIAL Coronation Honours 2023

We politely request that you briefly indulge us at this historic moment. We are rather proud that every year we acknowledge & appoint many new OFFICIAL Loony Ministers that shamefully often get overlooked by the Government’s apparently unbiased & impartial ‘Honours Committee. Queen Elizabeth II is sadly no more so we humbly pledge our oath of alooniegiance to the King and the coronation of the following newly appointed Ministers of the only political party in his realm that is actually registered in name as an OFFICIAL party.

Minister of Heritage – Lord Mike Read
A member of our Spiritual Leader’s ‘Savages’ band in the early 1960’s and then a BBC DJ, master of a Popquiz then a Superstore of silly callers offending the likes of Matt Bianco live on telly.
As an OFFICIAL Minister, he will dispense blue plates of Heritage, Charting historic buildings & places around the UK.

Minister of the Alternative Underground – Lord John Robb
Every successful team, group, community in the wider population, has a tie, bond or connection. We have a membrane, an alternatively loud Membrane, that deafens any aggressors within or outside the realm of this most beautiful of isles.

Minister of Testing Whispers & Whistles – Lord Bob Harris
Sutch is current stage of testing . . . we are unable to comment any further about our future invention that will change the music scene forever. Kazoo’s that whistle when you whisper in them . . . shhh

Minister of Almost Legendary Phantoms, Flans & Flings – Lady Sally James.
Whilst our Spiritual leader, Screaming Lord Sutch, was known for dressing as Jack The Ripper, this was in fact a diversion from his stint as the original Phantom that put the first custard pie in the face of Lady James. This was witnessed at the time by a then 8-year-old Lord Tiswas Bunny . . . so, we know that this information is probably true.

BRAVO to the Queen, BRAVO to the King, BRAVO to our 4 OFFICIAL Ministers on their coronations to commemorate this moment in the Loonyverse.

Conference Poster