Clacton election Candidate

We can confirm that Alan Howlin “Laud ” Hope will be standing as our candidate at the forthcoming by election.

“I am thrilled to be standing as a candidate for the constituents of Clacton, which brings back many happy memories of my times here in the past” said Alan ” When I win we will put Clacton – on – Sea back as one of the top tourist attractions, and we will start by trying to arrange for our party conference to be held here in 2015″

Clacton by election… two many contenders for the same party?

We will be standing at the forthcoming Clacton by election. We are not sure who the candidate will be as just like UKIP we have more than one contender. Unlike Ukip we have 3. If we cannot resolve this we may stand three candidates.

Like Ukip the possible contenders have not been notified, Unlike UKip we’re not bothered.

Scottish Referendum

Irregardless of the result of the Scottish referendum we will still rebuild Hadrians wall, just in case they change their mind.

Loony Party Conference

Has anyone noticed that Ukip have decided to have their conference at the same time as us. However we have been using this date for 30 years. Obviously they are worried that our conference will outshine thiers and are trying to detract publicity away from their biggest threat.

The Loony Party 2014 Conference will be held on the 26th, 27th & 28th of September and will be held at The Ridgebourne Inn, Wellington Rd, Llandrindod Wells, Powys LD1 5NH, tel 01597 822 144 . This is the first time in the history of the party that the conference will be held in Wales.

The Loony Party’s own Monster Mash, in a bottle, Co-alition ale endorsed by CAMRA will be on sale and also Loony Party Memberships and merchandise will be available. There will be music on the Friday and Saturday Night. Buster and the Gonads and The Big Fibbers are confirmed. Also BBBlackdog , Gripper and the Gurnards,and dino and the Bedrocks to be confirmed. We also will have The Morris dance group The b.u.m.s will be attending and not forgetting the famous Cabinet reshuffle.  Space hopper racing are also being organised. Nearest train station is Llandrindod wells with connections from Birmingham London and Cardiff. Hotels and B and B links

The Hampton Hotel
(01597) 822585
Temple Street,
Llandrindod Wells, LD1 5HF

Co-ALE-ition partners!!

2014_5611_Steve_Lawson_George_Osbourne_AugSteve Lawson, Monster Raving Loony Party sympathiser and our No 1 supporter and taster of the Co-ALE-ition brand of ales is pictured with George Osborne, Chancellor of the Exchequer and member of the Coalition Government, in the gardens of his residence at Dorneywood House in Burnham (Bucks).
Steve, who is not related to Nigel (former Chancellor of the Exchequer), took the opportunity to tell George all about the Co-ALE-ition brand of ales. Steve showed George a pumpclip or two containing the famous photo of David Cameron and Howling taken at the Witney General Election in May 2010 with Howling’s arm lifted triumphantly in the air. Steve even got a smile from George when he explained that the ALE in Co-ALE-ition stood for “Another Loony Experience” and even bigger one when he showed him the Hope & Glory pumpclip and told him IPA stood for “Insanity Prevents Austerity”.
Steve, who is an active member of CAMRA, took the opportunity to mention lowering beer duty and encouraging more people to drink responsibly in pubs rather than at home. Steve asked George to do more to reduce the ever increasing rate of pub closures (now averaging 31 per week in 2014, up from a high of 26 per week in 2013) by freeing up pub landlords from brewery ties and making it far more difficult for owners to demolish pubs and build supermarkets and houses/flats on the vacant land.
As George rushed off back into Dorneywood House for a 3pm meeting, Steve handed him a bottle of Monster Mash as a reminder of their Co-ALE-ition meeting.

Boris standing for election

It has been confirmed by Boris Johnson that he is going to stand at the next general election, and is looking for a constituency.

Although David Cameroon is said to be pleased that Boris is standing, it is well known that Boris and he don’t always see eye to eye, and indeed Boris may be a contender for leader at some time in the future.

As a result there is a rumour going around ( I know this as I started it) that he may be offered a seat in Merseyside.


Tour de ospital’

I was sitting at the traffic lights, listening to a radio program about the increase in Cyclists getting knocked down, whilst watching a cyclist ignore the red light and cycle straight through it. It reminded me of a policy from the 2001 manicfesto.

“Quote”  Councils and Government spend hundreds of thousands of pounds building Cycle routes and lanes to keep cyclists safe and away from vehicles. Cyclists then ride on the road causing danger to themselves and other road users. 
It is proposed that all cyclists must (by law) drive in the cyclists lane if provided.

They wouldn’t like it if we drove on their bit. “Unquote”

Rochester Castle, The Crosse Keys & The Pommelers Rest

2014_4404_Strangers_Bar_and_London_pubs_25_Jun_120After the wonderful reception at the House of Parliament, we knew we had our day cut out. Arrangements had been made with Chris Gill one our Co-ALE-ition brewers and Derrill Carr, the brains exraordinaire behind the whole project, to visit three J. D.Wetherspoon outlets in London.
The first being ‘The Rochester Castle’ in Stoke Newington, Knigel Knapp led the way cause it was his local, he knew where to go. So we hot footed it down tube stations, on buses and finally got there at 4 o’clock, where they had ‘Monsters in the Dark’ and ‘Hope and Glory’ on hand pump, we were treated by Angela the landlady to sample our own beer, which of course we accepted! We also met some of the North London Loony contingent, notably ‘Stanley Bad’ who plays guitar, and will be joining the ‘Big Fibbers’ at our conference in Wales later this the year!
2014_4406_Strangers_Bar_and_London_pubs_25_Jun_131Then we made our way back into Central London to a Wetherspoon flagship outlet called ‘The Crosse Keys’ they also had  ‘Monsters’ and ‘Hope’ on, the bar staff were impeccable, and very pleased to see us, invited us behind the bar for photo’s, under instruction from the management, “don’t you dare miss this opportunity” was the order of the day. It was also very pleasing to see their Electric Tariff board with both our Co-ALE-ition brews, sticking out like a thirsty tongue!

2014_4408_Strangers_Bar_and_London_pubs_25_Jun_151Off we went again, by underground train, to Tower Bridge, after a leisurely stroll across the bridge, on a nice hot day, we were only too pleased to finally come upon our third stop ‘The Pommelers Rest’, actually in Bermondsey, which of course was the place in history where the Official Monster Raving Loony Party first stood under that name in 1983, our illustrious leader ‘Screaming Lord Sutch’ was the first ever candidate, he was well remembered! Once again we were welcomed with open arms, like long lost friends, it had been advertised that we would be there, I don’t know if the beer, once again ‘Monsters’ and ‘Hope’ tasted better, or if it was that we were just thirstier, but once again thanks to the management (we weren’t left short)!
2014_4402_Strangers_Bar_and_London_pubs_25_Jun_077We would also like to thank Henry, Portia and Rob, from Deuce Films, for following us around and showing an interest in putting a Loony Party documentary together, they haven’t finished yet, they will be at the conference .
All in all a wonderful time was had by all, Leon Slater, Steve and Joy Lawson, Loony Party sympathisers, who have been to all the Brewery Launches, were invited to be our honoured guests for the day, thanking them for their support!
There was just one down side to the day, Derrill Carr,who had worked so hard on our behalf, arranging and co-ordinating, was unable to be with us, he was so looking forward to it, but went down with a serious bout of flu.
Happily to report that he seems to be OK now, but such a shame, we missed him!
Howling ‘Laud’ Hope
Party Leader.