Happy Birthday

to our spiritual leader Screaming Lord Sutch today

http://youtu.be/rPSsaaPAAEo?a (10 November 1940 – 16 June 1999)Screaming Lord Sutch, June 1983

People of Rochester

The Loony party would stop all by-elections being held 9 months before a general election.
The cost of a by election is estimated at around £240,000. Mark Reckless who is sanding for UKIP could have waited a mere 7 months until the next election to defect. However as part of the plan to upset the political system and gain unwarranted publicity for UKip, he decided to defect now…Reckless by name, and reckless by nature. Ukip are quick to complain of the financial waste caused by the European Parliament, but seem quite happy to waste money from the U.K Government, (twice this year) which I point out is your tax money. When your services are being cut due to lack of money think about this total waste which could have funded something worthwhile. Dont waste your vote (The by-election is going to happen anyway). Show them your discontent with the political system, by voting for the Loony Party. You know this makes sense.

Britain’s nuclear heroes set for justice

The Loony party is proud to be part of the campaign led by the Sunday Mirror to recognise and recompense for the survivors of horrific 1950s nuclear bomb tests.

You can read all about it here..http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/britains-nuclear-heroes-set-justice-4550200

Its notable that neither UKIP, Respect or the Conservative Party responded to join this campaign.    Ukip apparently havent got a spokesperson who can talk about an issue unless Mr Farage Ok’s it, The Conservatives dont want to get involved as they may have to admit liability and foot the bill.

Hairy Knorm on the hustings in Rochester

Daily Telegraph: Monster Raving Loony party: Ukip ‘stealing our thunder’

Looking ahead!

2014_7651_Unc_Toms_CabinThe Party Conference next year Fri 25th-Sat 26th Sept 2015, is to be held in Blackpool. Uncle Toms Cabin, a fine music venue on Blackpools North Shore, 44-46 Queens Promenade, FY2 9RW. This venue is not a hotel so no accommodation is available unfortunately, but, I have arranged with one of our party members Lord Guilderoy, of the ‘New Guilderoy Hotel’ on Holmfield Road, only 750 yds away for a £25 pound
a night stay to include breakfast. When he is full, he knows the guest houses either side of him and can fix us up in there! Uncle Toms is about half a mile from the tower and Town Centre, bus and tram stops right outside. I have also arranged with ‘Jo’ the landlady for motor home and tent camping on the premises.
If you wish to make your own arrangements all very well, lots of places on the doorstep in Northumberland Road, Knowle Avenue and Holmfield Road, but stay in the Cabin area, that’s the name of the tram stop. Best to find the venue first then make your mind up!
Vince Ripper and his Rock ‘n’ Roll Horror show will be on both nights, already booked, to intersperse with whatever other entertainment may be on. The venue will provide a suitable band on the Friday, free of charge.
We have also at our disposal a Double Decker open top bus, to perambulate along the promenade on, with various banners and loud hailers, already confirmed.
I would like to thank Vince Cornwall, Tony Davies and  Simon Connelly, all Party Members, for helping to make this happen, and last but not least, the lovely ‘Jo’ of the Cabin for allowing it to happen.
Come and make a week of it, I will, and your more than welcome to come and join me!
The Howling ‘Laud’
New Guilderoy Phone no: 01253 351 547 – FY2 9RU – mention the Loony Party when booking.

E.U Budget Adjustment and other news

We can confirm that the Loony party was not notified of the E.U budget demand of £1.7bn before George Osborne or David Cameron.
Also in the news the BBC in keeping with their policy of not important news coverage will be televising the incarceration of Oscar Pistorius 24 hours a day. Yes you can see the riveting instalments of Oscar sitting in a cell for 5 years. You can see Oscar walking around his cell and his special hour of Recreation. .Ping Pong  exclusives …..Don’t miss the Slopping Out Special Highlights.

Asda’s equality policy

The Loony Party being strong advocates of equal pay agree that the women workers of Asda should have equal pay with the men.
We have it on good authority that George Osborne also agrees with this, and to save needless court costs, has asked for the men’s wages to be reduced accordingly.

Hairy Knorm’s nomination is in for the Rochester and Strood by-election

2014_7601_Hairy_Norm_23_OctHairy Knorm’s nomination has been accepted and his deposit paid.
He got his signatures from personal contacts in the constituency. The son of the drummer, who played with Rockin’ Robbo’s band was particularly helpful and Mad Mike and Hairy Knorm got the last eight signatures during a flying visit on Tuesday evening.

Go get reckless and make a storm
By voting for our Hairy Knorm!