3 Weeks to the ‘Conference of the Insane’

All taking place in Blackpool once more, Thurs 28th Sept till Sun 1st Oct. Please note we are not at Uncle Toms Cabin this year, its been sold to the Ma Kelly chain. Jo, the wonderful landlady, is now at Malloy’s in Talbot Road in the middle of town and has invited us there. Just up the road from the North Pier. Its great to see people coming a bit earlier and making more of a weekend of it, as of last year.

Thursday is meet and greet for the early birds with whatever is going on in the venue. Friday night will be ‘The Electric Boogie Band’ Ray Williams ‘ Full Fat Boogie Band’ change of name, but twice as good, with guest artistes and other musical happenings. Saturday will definitely be ‘Vince Ripper and his Rodent Rat Show’ with another band also on the same bill called  ‘The Drop Out Wives’. Joe Jammer will be making a very special guest appearance, has played with Lord Sutch in the earlier years, has lots of stories to tell!

Mr Badaxe has threatened to be there as usual, he has new songs for us apparently, so bring ear muffs if you don’t want to be offended. Elvis will try his best to be there, he made it last year, in fact two of them.

The open top bus is also booked for our perambulation around Blackpools hostelries 12 noon on the Saturday, more about that when we meet. The ‘BUMS’ will be travelling up from Wales to join us for the duration, good fun and good company.

If your not booked in yet, accommodation is pretty reasonable in Blackpool. If you need any help call the ‘New Guilderoy Hotel’ ask for Simon Connelly, 01253351547 or e-mail – simon_connelly@yahoo.com – if he cant fit you in, he will suggest other hotels nearby who we loony friendly.

I shall be there as from Thursday 21st Sept, to make sure all runs smoothly, anybody is quite welcome to join me if you want to make a week of it. Looking forward to another great weekend of hilarious fun and absolute stupidity, and don’t we love it. See you all there.
The Howling ‘Laud’