25th Feb 1967 Agincourt Ballroom, Camberley, Surrey

2017_0951_Chuck-Berry-on-StageHowling Laud’s band supported Chuck Berry at the Agincourt Ballroom, Camberley, Surrey on the 25th Feb 1967.
This was arranged through their mutual agent Bob Potter.
Howling says:
“I was in a band called ‘Kerry Rapid and The Soultones’. We did a lot of his numbers in our set, so I asked him what his set list would be, so that we didn’t do anything that he would be doing. 2017_0952_Kerry_RapidHe said “you just go along and play whatever you like, I love to hear other peoples versions of my songs”. A memory that myself and my brother John will never forget. John got to talk to him for a good half hour in the dressing room.”
Hail! hail! rock’n’roll, he delivered in days of old.
Howling Laud Hope aka Kerry Rapid