Manchester Election

Yes, we came,we saw, we went away with a ‘record’ vote of 78, it could
have been 45 or 33, I love them old 78 records !

Once again the intrepid
Nick ‘The Flying Brick’ Delves was the election agent who first set foot
into the streets of Manchester to obtain the 10 nominations to stand.
Along with the help of our Rochdale Loony connection, Peter ‘two scoops’
Hinchliffe,  it didn’t take too long, Peter also had connections with the media
as he is involved with ‘Rochdale on Line’, which was very useful.
Rob,Ed,Danielle and all the staff of our constituency HQ, The Smithfield Hotel
were very helpful as were the customers, thankyou !
Manchester Loonies turned out as well.  Andy ‘Marrakesh’ Cameron and John
‘Casablanca’  Horner came out canvassing around the local hostileries and then turned out again later on when the Stockport Loonies showed up with an entourage of classic cars, thanks to Dave Machin and Debbie Clark who both run the local Rock ‘n’ Roll radio show, with drivers, leaflets and loud hailers Manchester woke up to the fact that there was an election on, although the general feeling was one of woe,
“We voted for a man to represent us in parliament in the last General Election and now he dosn’t want to do that any more, he wants to be a Police Commissioner” didn’t gel with most people hence the very low turn out.

In fact it wasn’t untill we made our appearance that a lot of people actually realised that there WAS a parliamentary election going on as well !
All in all we had the usual laughs and excitement but that electric atmosphere of the count night seemed to be missing, in fact we did hear that some of the counters were sent home at 12 midnight due to a lack of votes to count. 4.30am was the scheduled time for the announcement, all over by 2.30.
But never mind we were there, centre stage as usual, first to shake the winners hand and we got the loudest cheer,and when you consider that ‘Galloway’s Respect’ party only got 104 votes more than us, whilst last time out,in Bradford he got 18,230 more than us, I dont think that we were quite the losers, do you ! Apart from that,once again we didn’t come last !
Unfortunately we are giving the Rotherham By-election a miss, its a bit to near Christmas to expect people to get involved, apart from that the papers had to be in whilst we were in Manchester,  so the time factor was against us also ! BUT,, all is not lost,  cause our Loonier than Thou’ Mr Johnny ‘Coco Bean’ Cartwright, will be standing in Croydon on the same day Thurs 29th Nov, and all being well, I shall be at the count with him !
Your Party Leader
Howling ‘Laud’ Hope