RIP Roy Tree

2015_6451_Roy_TreeIt was with great sorrow and pride that I attended the funeral of Roy Tree on the 14th August 2015. Roy lived in Fleet, Hampshire. I expect that only I and our treasurer had ever heard of Roy Tree. Roy was not a party member, not even an activist, but he loved every thing that we did, and always showed great enthusiasm. He always thought of himself as an SPP, (sleeping political partner)
In as much so that, when he retired and got his ‘Golden Owings’ as he called it, he donated a sizeable sum to our party funds. When he learned that we were doing ‘The Welsh Assembly’ he promptly said “I’ll see to that, how much do you need”, but alas this won’t happen now, as much as he would have liked it too.
I loved his friendship and company always a good smile for every one So long Roy, thanks for your endeavour, but you go careful, somebody up there knows how to turn water into wine.
In memory from your friends, The Monster Raving Loony Party
Howling ‘Laud’ Hope