Stoke By-election Night

2017_0603_The_Terrace_ST44NB_23_Feb 2017_0621_Fenton_Manor_Sports_Complex_23_Feb 2017_0634_Fenton_Manor_Sports_Complex_23_Feb 2017_0641_Fenton_Manor_Sports_Complex_23_Feb 2017_0643_Fenton_Manor_Sports_Complex_23_Feb 2017_0646_Fenton_Manor_Sports_Complex_23_Feb 2017_0649_Fenton_Manor_Sports_Complex_23_Feb 2017_0654_Fenton_Manor_Sports_Complex_23_FebBy-elections are wonderful crazy things and always great fun to be a part of. Stoke-on-Trent was my tenth attempt on Parliament, and fourth by-election. I feel I’m really getting into the swing of things now and am starting to feel quite confident in my political message, what-ever that is!
My interview with Emma Thomas outside BBC Radio Stoke was aired on Sunday Politics with my policy of putting Piranha’s in the River Trent turning out to be very popular with the electorate.
It was great, as ever,  to have our glorious party leader entrenched in Stoke and working his magic on the ‘Stokies’, newspapers, and other parties for the five days before the election.  He is always ‘on message’ and was enthusiastically holding training workshops on how to generate a better quality of FAKE NEWS.
A magnificent troupe of Loonies met at ‘The Terrace’, City Road, Fenton. Howling Laud and Flying Brick were joined by RU Seerius, Helen ‘Bak, Leutenant Jâger Schnitzel, Karen, Sir Tax-A-Lot, & Lady Table Manners. The Inflatable Johnny Disco and the Indestructible Captain Chaplington-Smythe also lent support and guidance at the pub before returning to Manchester.
The count was a big event and had a great atmosphere, Paul Nuttall made a bee-line for our party leader and gave him a big hug, I believe this was in anticipation of a Loony victory. We mingled seamlessly with the other parties and candidates including Barbara Fielding, who has the aura of a lovely sweet lady, the antithesis of her message in fact. It was a pleasure to meet the Liberal candidate Dr Zulfiqar Ali, a real gentleman and far too intelligent to be involved in politics.
There was an exciting scrum at the end of the night when the election was declared. In a strange break with tradition the candidates weren’t invited to join the returning officer on stage. Instead we were swallowed up in a frenzied media circus around Paul Nuttall and the winner Gareth Snell who gave me a man-hug in the excitement! He then fought his way through teaming tangle of reporters to give a some-what drowned out speech.
I once again came seventh, in a field of ten and came ahead of the BNP.
The Incredible Flying Brick

What good fun the ‘Stoke on Trent’ By-election was, our candidate ‘The Incredible Flying Brick’ put on a marvellous show. I was there in support for five days, staying at the ‘Crown Hotel’ in Longton, where the staff made us more than welcome.
I was out campaigning as usual, in the usual way, making friends and spreading the word. Myself and ‘The Brick’ met up for a TV interview, which will be shown on a ‘Brexit’ show later on in the year, June time I believe. We also met up for a tour of the local pottery towns, we had fun, but alas the weather was against any serious shennanigans, although we were made very welcome at the Ukip HQ, and met up with other candidates who treated us with the greatest of respect. They had to, in case we beat them, and we did, three of them at least. Many thanks to the party members who turned for the count, if you’ve never been to one, you’ll never know what your missing.
Here’s looking forward to the next one!
There will be two or three later on in the year when MPs put themselves up for the Mayors job, lets hope some of them win, only then will it cause a by-election. Where ever, we shall be there, so watch out for us in your area, you never know!!
The Illustrious ‘Howling Laud’.