Croydon Candidate

I can now confirm that I intend to stand as a candidate in the forthcoming by-election in Croydon North as a candidate for the Official Monster Raving Loony Party.

It has been a difficult decision, because the Coalition government has done some good things and because Malcolm Wicks will be a hard act to follow. Nevertheless, I believe that a positive contribution can be made in ensuring that the government does not deviate from the defence of liberty and diversity.

The government has been cautiously successful in tackling the disastrous deficit which was left by the Labour government, but we are only a quarter of the way through what will be necessary.

The Coalition should not be allowed to shy away from reform of the House of Lords, and must be encouraged to continue with its plans for the equalisation of gay marriage. The distortions caused by First-Past-The-Past are, in the long term, getting worse, and FPTP can no longer be relied on even to give the most seats to the party with most votes. In 2005, Labour was only 3% ahead, but got a substantial majority of the seats. In 2010, the Conservative Party was 7% ahead, but had no majority at all. The proposed constituency boundary changes will only make a modest difference in eliminating these distortions. We should therefore introduce Proportional Representation (by Single Transferable Vote) so that a broad stable base of support can be built for governments in the future.

I will oppose the incinerator which is planned for the Sutton/Croydon border.

We should invest in renewable energy, but we will need to use nuclear energy to fill the gap.

We should withdraw from the European Union (EU), so we can make our own laws in our own country.

We should remain as a signatory to the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR).

As a staunch monarchist, we should strengthen and support the Monarchy. We should legislate for equal laws of succession to the throne regardless of gender or religion. I greatly admire Prince Harry for his courage and dedication in genuinely wanting to serve in the armed forces, but as a senior royal he is too important and should not have been allowed to go to serve in a war zone. He should be returned from Afghanistan immediately.

John Cartwright

Official Monster Raving Loony Party

19 Tidenham Gardens

Park Hill




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