Memo to all Party Members or persons interested

On Thursday the 3rd of May there will be local elections in your area. Whether they be Parish, Town, District or County, they are completely free of charge to stand, ie no deposit.

Its only Parliamentary elections that need £500 up front. To this end, if you are considering standing for ‘The Official Monster Raving Loony Party’ in your area, you can not just do it. You have to get a letter of authorisation from our nominations officer.

Papers are obtainable from your local Town Hall or Council offices. They have to be back in the Council Offices by Friday 6th April. If your not sure of the procedure, your local office are duty bound to give you all the help that you would need. You can obtain your authorisation by calling our nomination office 07946292559, up until Sunday11thof March, after that call our second in command Nom office – 07973324985. So there is plenty of time, but the sooner the better, so that we can help you through also, if you’ve never stood before!
Howling Laud