Election Success in Wythenshawe

2014_0911_Wythenshawe_13_FebCongratulations to Capt Chaplington-Smythe who with tireless campaigning gained a 100% increase in our vote at Wythenshawe, with 288 Votes.

Once again the OMRLP has forced all the other parties to the front and Capt Chaplington-Smythe has kept to our tradition of coming last.2014_0923_Wythenshawe_13_Feb

We took a lot of votes from the Lib Dem ‘s causing them to lose their deposit. They would have had 5.19% with our vote but lost their deposit with 4.17%, proving to one and all that a vote for the Loony Party is not wasted.

2014_0926_Wythenshawe_13_FebMany thanks to the 288 people who gave us their support and showed that the only co-ALE-ition they want in Wythnshawe is the Loony Beer of the same name.

More updates about the events in Wythenshawe from Howling Laud when he returns home.