24 Hours Opening for Pubs – Save our Pubs

As everyone knows the Loony party were the first party to advocate 24 hour opening for pubs. However there seems to be some confusion as to what this means. The idea was to allow publicans the choice to be able to open at the best times for them rather than fixed times. So pubs in night markets could open at night. pubs in out of the way places could open at times when the public would be around. This would allow freedom for publicans and customers to be able to enjoy a relaxing beer at the time it suited them. However, it seems to have been linked to the latest plague of binge drinking.

Once again the Loony Party has the answer. We will NOT ban Happy Hours. We will extend our Loony Party Happy Hour policy “PAY FOR TWO ….GET ONE …..to all pubs. This will have the added benefit of stopping the 36 pubs a week that are closing due to Government policy of high Tax on drink . We would also scrap the Music license Law. Music would be allowed in all pubs and licensed premises.