Sleaford & North Hykeham By-election 8th Dec 2016

2016_9131_North_Kesteven_Sports_Centre_8_DecWow what a busy December, first Richmond, where we finished fourth, the first time ever in the top half of any election since we were formed, then the following week in Sleaford Lincolnshire.

Our candidate ‘The Iconic Arty-Pole’ polled 16 more votes than Richmond but finished 7th from 10, upholding our tradition of not coming last.

Dr Caroline Johnson – Con – 17,570
Victoria Ailing – UKIP – 4,426
Ross Pepper – Lib Dem – 3,606
Jim Clarke – Labour – 3,363
Marianne Overton – Lincs Ind – 2,892
Sarah Stock – Ind – 462
The Iconic Arty Pole – Raving Loony – 200
Paul Coyne – ND – 184
Mark Suffield – ND – 74
David Bishop – Bus Pass Elvis Party  –  55

2016_9135_North_Kesteven_Sports_Centre_8_DecI arrived in Sleaford on Sunday 4th Dec, and quickly toured the public meeting places. As usual I was greeted with:
“great to see you, it wouldn’t be a real by-election if you weren’t here.”
Monday was fun, my old friend Nigel Farage held a public meeting in the local Legionnaires Club, I was there and ended up on stage when he stated that there was another party leader in attendance.

2016_9138_North_Kesteven_Sports_Centre_8_DecTuesday saw me on a radio chat show and rallying the voters. If everyone that said “we will vote Loony” did, we would win. Perhaps they did vote for the Loony, the real ones! Wednesday ‘The Iconic’ arrived. He had been campaigning in other areas and leaving Sleaford to me. We toured the area in the ‘Loony Battle Bus’ with loud-hailer on full charge, always making people smile. Both of us on radio, and filmed for the local TV news.
Thursday saw us leave our ‘digs’ in Sleaford, The Cherry Tree B&B, thanks to Pauline the landlady, a very nice place.
2016_9140_North_Kesteven_Sports_Centre_8_DecIn actual fact, right next door was ‘The Marquis of Granby’ a public house that made us very welcome, allowing me to use it as party HQ. We moved on to North Hykeham where the count was taking place, and booked into ‘The Ibis’ hotel, where we met up with Nick ‘The Flying Brick’, R U Seerius and Lady Hell ‘n Back. After meeting and greeting, all off to the count, which was another great night with cameras snapping. ‘Arty-Pole’ loved it, playing up to every click he heard, not missing a trick. 2016_9153_North_Kesteven_Sports_Centre_8_DecThe new Ukip leader of 17 days Paul Nuttall, insisted on having his picture taken with Britain’s longest serving party leader of 17 years, the Howling ‘Laud’.
All in all a very good by-election, ‘The Iconic Arty-Pole’ did us proud, and likewise we are all very proud of him!
Roll on the next one!!!