Rockin’ around the Christmas Tree

Well here it is again Christmas 2017, and what another very interesting year, for us who know how to enjoy another year that is. I started off January in my usual fashion with my “Royal Loony Tour of Malta” always made to feel very welcome out there, they seem to think the world of us, well the ex-pats do, and there is thousands of them, not to sure whether the actual Maltese born and bred understand, or even if they want to. A staunch Labour/Catholic Island, all the same, good fun!

February, saw us up in Stoke-on-Trent for the By-election, of which our candidate The Incredible ‘Nick the Flying Brick’ came through with astounding success, having once again failed to win us a seat Parliament. Incredible show Nick.

I put my papers in for my local District Election at the same time and funnily enough came up with the same result as Nick, how strange!

I do like to remind all though that even so, I still retain my seat on my local Town Council of Fleet Hampshire, being Chairman of Highways and Transport and Vice Chair of Planning. So don’t give up, there is and always will be ‘Hope’!

May, saw me off on another Loony Tour, out to visit our Loony Contingent on the Canary Islands. Stayed with our Canary Party Chairman Ri-Dick-ulous Knowles out in Lanzarote. Once again great fun and looking forward to next time. Which in fact wont be long now, January 3rd  2018 to be precise.

June, was once again the Highlight of the year, a General Election, a snap one, never done one of those before, but don’t believe all those superfluous adjectives, it was no different to all the others. I stood in Maidenhead, so Theresa May decided to put up against me, she only just won. Much to her dis-May, the only one who did snap, was her for calling it in the first place ! Well done all you other party members who also rode along with us on the in Political Fun Fair. (More detail of election results are elsewhere on this Loony Party web site.

June, saw me in Ashburton in Devon once more for the annual Carnival, staying in our spiritual home ‘The Golden Lion’ although not a hotel anymore.  And again in September, with Rex Barker, Rex is ghost writing my autobiography would you believe. He was amazed at all the Ashburton peoples memories of the Loony Party days in Devon. Enough about that or you wont buy the book. If you want to be in it send me some of your memories for inclusion, if poss ! !

Golden Lion stay, compliments of Annabelle and Martin Dytham, the new owners. Thank you very much!

Then of course our ‘Wonderful Conference’ once again in ‘Blackpool’ for third year running, all was fine, all went well. Thank you to Jo Jacklin for arranging the venue, and Shaun the landlord of Malloys for putting the show on. The acts were of the highest standard, none more so than Vince Ripper and his Rodent show, who were top of the bill. Joe Jammer was our guest of honour, he certainly had the place arocking. Along with the Electric Boogie Band, Badaxe, and the Drop out Wives.

Must also say thank you once more to Simon, Rhona and Bruno for helping to arrange accommodation.

For three years now we’ve in Blackpool, some are saying, can we have a move next year. Nothing wrong with Blackpool, we shall be back. Our next conference of September 2018 is in Belper, Derbyshire. It was good to hear the people of Blackpool saying “no matter where you are, we shall be there”, and all the remarks on Facebook, “first time I’ve been, you wont keep me away in future” absolutely wonderful.

September 27-28-29th  2018
Watch out for more info and updates!!!!!

Before signing off I’d like to mention that our membership is growing daily, much to the stirling efforts of our Membership Secretary‘ The Indelible’ Baron Von Thunderclap. Well done Baron.

Another note myself and the ‘Incredible Flying Brick’ were expecting a flood of by-elections throughout the year, with all the sleaze that’s been thrown around. No such luck, you can bet yourself they are looking after each others seats. You can take that which ever way you like!!!

Oh yes, nearly forgot, I’ve just been fitted with a pace maker. I can now take big strides to no 10, Ho Ho Ho!!

Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year
See you all in 2018
The Illustrious Howling ‘Laud’ Hope
Monster Raving Loony Party Leader