These were policies we proposed many years ago:
It is proposed that all anglers be given free licenses from Sept – March. However the deal is that they don’t throw the fish back. Water displacement will then lower the levels of the rivers……….ergo: No floods.
2001 manifesto – Under a Loony government any prospective home purchaser be issued with a full description of such dictionary terms as ‘floodplain’, ‘coastal erosion’ and ‘exposed headland’. This will save time explaining why they have no house anymore after nature takes charge of the environment.
In addition to this policy, building on floodplains in future will be restricted to large houseboats with recoiling tethers like dog leads. These houses will be able to float up with the floodwater and land safely again in the same place when the water subsides.
2005 manifesto – All houses built on flood planes will have foundations made of sponge, in order to soak up surplus water.
Okay, tongue in cheek, but there’s a serious point. We have been going on for years about the effects of building on floodplains etc, and being the loony party no one took our underlying point seriously. Well its come home to roost and the people of Somerset and many other areas are reaping the neglect of the various Governments.
It not rocket science.. If you don’t dredge rivers they silt up and water has to go somewhere…
The Conservatives blame Labour, Labour blame Conservative, UKIP blame the E.U, and no doubt the Liberals idea of flood defences are less sandals and bigger wellies?, meanwhile…people are being flooded out of their homes and livelihoods with no expectation of when it will end, or realistically the prospect of not being fully compensated by Government or Insurance companies (When was the last time you got an insurance payout, quickly or in full?)
Our sympathies and condolences go out to any person who is flooded and has lost belongings, and in some cases their business.