Mad Mike in the Swale Borough Council by-election

2014_7502_Mad_Mike_Sheerness_Times_15_OctMad Mike came in with a victorious 27 votes in the election of a borough councillor in the Sheppey Central ward. Mad Mike declared “onwards, upwards and stay loony”. One of Mike’s main policy proposals is to “have a lunar farm for the collection of moonbeams at night. These will be converted into green cheese, which could be sold at local farm shops.”
Here is his election address to the Sheerness Times:

Hairy Knorm is our Loony Candidate in Rochester

2014_7501_Mad_Mike_and_Hairy_KnormLong time Loony Party campaigner Hairy Knorm is our candidate for the by-election in Rochester & Strood on the 20th of November. Mad Mike is his election agent, they are both seen here ringing up the Houses of Parliament booking the Strangers Bar for their victory celebrations on the 21st of November.

Clacton By-election Thurs 9th October 2014

Pages 8+9 of The Times Newspaper 10th Oct 2014

Pages 8+9 of The Times Newspaper 10th Oct 2014

Oh what a lovely war, fighting UKIP for our votes, 127 official loonies in Clacton, unfortunately 20 thousand odd, overqualified ones. Nevertheless best of luck to the winner, no hard feelings on our part and all others who took part. We had our usual array of social media following us around and involved as many people as we could.
The oft quoted phrase was “if Ukip were not here you would definitely have had my vote”, hence the opening line!

I arrived on Thurs 2nd and was immediately inundated with the TV circus, 2014_7361_Clacton_by-election_9_Octbetween 1pm and 2.30 BBC, ITV, Sky had all had a piece of me. Then throughout the week various independent cameras were on the streets looking for anything unusual, I didn’t let them down. A lovely picture of Nigel Farrage  and myself made The Times.

The count night was very entertaining. Along with ‘The Flying Brick’, ‘2014_7363_Clacton_by-election_9_OctRU Seerius’ Steve and Joy, Lady Hellenbak’, ‘Madam Margarita’ ‘Nigel Knapp’ Ross and Ian, we made our way to the Town Hall only to be surrounded by another fusillade of cameras and TV media. The sillier we were, the more they liked it, I can guarantee that more pictures will emerge throughout the year, in various magazines.

2014_7381_Clacton_by-election_9_OctInto the count, a tremendous round of applause on our entrance, everybody waiting to shake our hand and generally congratulate us, because in the very early stages we were in for beating the Lib-Dems, but it was not to be. Once again we didn’t come last ‘Charlotte Rose’ won that acclaim with 51 votes.

2014_7386_Clacton_by-election_9_OctCharlotte was ‘good value for money’, because she had a TV documentary team following her around, and they all insisted that I should join in, only had to be asked once. Apparently this documentary is an on-going thing, and I shall be asked to do more at a later stage! Charlotte made it very well known that she wanted to join the party and be our future chief whip, no contest, she was immediately 2014_7391_Clacton_by-election_9_Octaccepted.


Douglas thought about crossing to the Loony’s

Even Lempit Opek who was also in attendance, said that he might consider walking the floor next General Election, in the same style as Douglas Carswell did. All in all, a very good By-election, good fun, and just following the annual conference, a very busy three weeks.

Watch out for the next one, Rochester and Strood, Medway, Kent. Our candidate is Hairy Knorm, with the help of Mad Mike Young and Sheik Mihand. Not sure of the date yet but very imminent, I shall be there at the later stages along with whoever else wants to join in!

The Howling Laud.

Membership delay

Our membership secretary is away for a couple of weeks so post will be delayed. This dosn’t mean you don’t join or get your merchandise, just it will be a little keep buying


Howling on the news

Howling Laud Hope is on the news in Clacton with the only policies that make sense.

People of CLACTON-ON-SEA hope is here at last.

Nuclear Long Johns

The E.U has authorised the building of a nuclear Power station at Hinckley Point (Somerset) at a cost quoted at £16bn (I repeat £16bn) which is already £2bn more than the price quoted in 2013. It will presumably be more as its not going to be online until 2023.
The cost of decommissioning is basically down to the taxpayer at an est £1bn+ per year.
That doesn’t matter as it’s our grandchildren who will be paying for it and the present Government and politicians wont be around. Sellafield is already costing £1.6bn per year to decommission (Public Accounts Committee est).

It is proposed that Loony Party would use all this money to research, and implement Solar, Thermal, Wind and Tidal-Hydro power. We are surrounded by water so we cannot see this resource running out for a while. All Hamster cage wheels will be connected to the National Grid. With the money we save we will give out free Long Johns on the NHS This would also be subsidised by using all the hot air that parliament generates and converting it to heating for the elderly.(Tip: If we get in to power buy shares in Damart )

British Aid for flatulence control.

Britain has sent £15m to cattle ranchers in Colombia, (the telegraph 16/2/14) the world’s 30th richest country, to help cut flatulence in cows. (greenhouse gas reduction) Whilst we in the Loony party agree that the wealthiest countries should help the poorest, (The Aid budget is an estimated £10.3 billion) We would stop sending money to India and Pakistan, and would scrutinise/stop silly Aid projects. This may sound silly but this money could go towards helping people in this country with Mental health problems (badly in need of funding). I have just been told that this proposal is not Loony enough to be included on the loony party manicfesto, but there nothing funny about mental illness. Regarding Columbia we do have contacts so they can obtain Corks for the flatulent cows at a reduced price.

Recycled Policies

It is proposed that all, leaflets, brochures, circulars, manifestoes, posters etc, used by any Political Party during an election, be collected up recycled and given to the local Food Banks for free distribution as toilet paper.