Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

May 2015 be our best, General Election ever!
It seems some time ago that I wrote anything for our website, but then I thought, just about everything that we’ve done has been well chronicled throughout the year anyway. So you’ve missed ‘Howlings Prowlings’ have you, or at least I have missed writing them.

2014_0971_Wythenshawe_13_FebAnyway let’s pick out some highlights, I started the year in Malta as usual, keeping in touch with our friends over there, arrived back here and whisked myself off for my yearly scrub at the ‘Bath Ball’. Whilst in Malta a by-election was announced, I was in no position to do this one. It was in Wythenshaw, Manchester, but we had no need to worry, Captain ‘Chaplington Smythe’ stepped forward and without any hesitation said “The force is strong with this one.” What a great candidate!

March and April saw many of us, at different times attending various ‘Co-ALE-ition’ launches. We have nine beers in this range and six market leaders doing very well.

2014_3605_Kelham_Hall_Newark_5_JunMay saw in the local town Elections, and I was returned unopposed to the local Town Council of Fleet in Hampshire , and was elected Vice Chairman of the planning committee!
It was a very busy month for me, doing all sorts of Loony things, guesting here, appearing there, in so much so that when another by-election was called in Newark Notts, in early June, the intrepid ‘Flying Brick’ offered to be the candidate, and so we all converged on Newark.

One of the Party’s proudest moments happened in June, one of our Co-ALE-ition range of beers was on sale at the House of Parliament bar. Me and other party members were invited along for the launch and a very successful day it was.





2014_2443_Fulflood_Arms_Winchester_Derrill_1_MayJuly, once again very busy, but the highlight was the launch of our very own ‘Monster Mash’ if you ain’t tried it, well you ain’t drunk nothin’ yet!
They drunk the Mash, they drunk the Monster Mash, at your next bash order Monster Mash, some beers are trash, but not the Monster Mash. There’s a song there somewhere!


2014_6759_Ridgebourne_Llandrindod_Wells_27_SepAugust was a quiet month, apart from the odd beer festival or two, which was very handy because early September saw our Co-ALE-ition Ale first year anniversary, quite a landmark. Plus it was leading up to our Party Conference in Wales in late September. ‘Llandridnod Wells’ to be precise, and what a success ‘that’ was.


2014_7386_Clacton_by-election_9_OctWe were up to our usual tricks in October with another by-election at Clacton-on-Sea. I was the candidate this time, along with the usual suspects. We converged upon this very lovely, lonely, seaside town, until the election caravan rolled into town centre. Clacton became a different town overnight, what good fun.


2014_8451_Independent_20_NovAnd then November, yet another by-election, this time in Rochester and Strood, Kent. I considered doing it, but before committing myself, I thought that I would sound out any Kent members to see if they wanted too. Well “out of the woodwork came Hairy Knorm”. He won’t mind me saying that because he owns a logging firm and he is the Chief Chopper. It was a good job it wasn’t in December because he would have been too busy.
Nevertheless, another good result, and raised a few eyebrows when Lib-Dems only got 198 votes more than our Knorm.

Well there tis, and in Devon as they say, “it’s not likely to get any tisser!”
This is just a general roundup, and thank you to all those who took part throughout the year. It’s a pleasure to be your leader, it’s been 15 years now, and long may we all reign.
Yes off to Malta again in January, but a bit later this time, and unfortunately will miss my Bath Ball, the first time in 30 years!

Have the Looniest Christmas
And the Merriest of all New Years.
The Howling ‘Laud’

Sir Mick Marr

It is with great sadness that I have to report the passing of ‘Sir Mick Marr’. A ‘True Loony’ who loved life as a Loony, he will be remembered for his unwavering support of us.

Howling ‘Laud’, Basil Fawlty and Freddy Zapp on a Triandem

2014_8601_Sidmouth_Devon_1988Heres an old photo with The Howling ‘Laud’, Basil Fawlty and Freddy Zapp campaigning in Sidmouth, Devon between 1988  and 1989 on a three wheel ‘Triandem’ which  buckled under their political weight.

Lord Sutch song from 1994

Lord Sutch visted Andy Colquhoun in his recording studio in 1994 and Andy has released their song “Official Monster Raving Loony Party”.

Howling infecting on Sky News

A link to  Nigel Farage trying to talk Howling Laud into defecting on Sky News. Howling said to Nigel afterwards “No, No, No, Infect”, “we will infect UKIP with Loonyism!!!”
>>Sky News<<

Howling Laud on the Daily Politics show

Howling on The Daily Politics

2014_8552_Andrew_NeilOur party leader Howling Laud is appearing on BBC2 – ‘The Daily Politics’ sometime between midday and 1pm tomorrow (Thursday).

The Rochester and Strood By-election Thurs Nov 20th 2014

2014_8451_Independent_20_Nov2014_8401_Loonys_20_Nov2014_8405_Loonys_20_Nov2014_8402_Loonys_20_Nov2014_8403_Loonys_20_NovWhen this election was announced so soon after the recent Clacton-on-Sea election we talked about doing this one as well, I was prepared to stand but then thought, why not ask our local Kent members if they wanted to? I asked Mad Mike Young on the Isle of Sheppey, and he suggested Hairy Knorn from Sittingbourne and that Mike would gladly be his agent. So quick phone call to Hairy Knorm, “Yes OK, I’ll do that” so off we went, all up and running and what a fine show we put together!

Knorm and his entourage plagued the streets of Rochester the weekend of the 8th, all to their advantage because when I arrived on Sun 16th I was told in no uncertain terms how well they had done! Knorm had also been on various radio shows and his TV coverage was good. Monday saw me covering the Strood area with leaflets :- “DON’T BE RECKLESS VOTE LOONY”, went down very well even with UKIP, they loved it! On Tuesday Hairy Knorm Mad Mike and me went to a hustings meeting in the Corn Exchange. Knorm got up said his piece and was very well received. We then met up with our members from Gravesend, The Werewolf, Big Dave Presley, Verge Walton and other members of the Walton family, alas they couldn’t vote for us, although Chris Walton could, he lived in Strood. Wednesday was a great day in Rochester, cameras all over the place, unfortunately Knorm and Mad Mike couldn’t make the day time, but I was joined by Steve and Joy Lawson, Loony Party supporters from Fleet in Hampshire and Baron Fullstop from Worcestershire and boy did we milk those cameras, they loved us, “it makes it all worth our while coming” was one of the comments. The Hotel we were staying in The Royal Victoria and Bull, was on the High Street four doors away from the UKIP office, what more could we ask for. Of course Nigel Farrage made his appearance as we were being filmed and joined in with us, I’m sure that many photo’s will appear in magazines and newspapers as time goes by.

Election night, we all met up in the Crown public house, the count was in Gillingham quite away away, we got there much to early but fortunately there was a pub opposite called the ‘Marquis of Lorne’ and would you believe the landlord Jay Sandmann was a Loony Party member some time ago so we renewed our acquaintance, in we went and made ourselves comfortable for an hour or so or two. Of course word soon got around and we were promptly joined by Charlotte Rose and her TV crew and good old Lembit Opik. At the Count the cameras were clicking like wildfire. We gave Hairy Knorm a rousing introduction at the door, he was the star and what a star he was, he and Baron Fullstop promptly opened a big sack of bananas, and were handing them out to everybody which caused a lot of amusement! The whole evening was very enjoyable but went on much to long, but worth waiting for because Hairy Knorm didn’t come last in fact 6th out of 13 was a very good out come when you consider that the Lib Dems only got 198 votes more than us, less than 200 for a party that half in power raised a few eyebrows, and Knorm got the biggest cheer of the night!

That’s not all, its not the end yet, we and only we, no other party were invited back to the UKIP victory party at a night club afterwards a free bar as much Champagne as you wanted, Sky TV were there and its been shown a lot of times I believe, people keep telling me, although I have not seen it myself yet! I suppose the biggest accolade to the Party was when Mark Reckless made his victory speech, thanking everybody in the usual way but picking out Hairy Knorm for a special mention!

Well done Hairy Knorm it was a pleasure, thanks also to his Royal Madness Mike Young, Baron Fullstop, Steve and Joy, the people of Rochdale who joined in with us, don’t know all your names, but you know who you are, The Waltons and the staff of the Royal Vic and Bull.

We had a great time!
Howling Laud.