The Dame again!

Don’t be lame Vote Dame!

2015_2321_The_DameThe only choice to be made,
If you’re voting in Hove & Portslade,
Is for the Dame,
Of Loony Fame,
Stay calm and be not afraid.

Tom is standing for the Loony’s in his college mock elections.

Howling Laud on the Daily Politics show

Howling Laud is on BBC2’s Daily Politics – Today!

2014_8552_Andrew_NeilSPECIAL @daily_politics TWITTER QUIZ COMPETITION
Simply tell us (before noon today) how many badges our leader will be wearing on todays show!
Please use #VOTELOONY

Flying Brick’s basking in The Sun

2015_1704_Brick_in_SunNick the Flying Brick has promised to give three kitchens to all houses in Doncaster North as part of his main policy for the 2015 General Election. This has been extensively covered in the >>SunNation<< published on the 10th April.
Other policies:

  • The Labour Party should be extended an overdraft facility of £10 Trillion from somebody else’s money to accommodate their spending needs. Better plan for a better future.
  • Conisbrough Castle will be developed into an intergalactic space port.

Dame Jolyon Dixon & Adam Gzunder in the Brighton Argus

2015_1703_Gzunder_and_DameSome policies from Dame Dixon and Adam Gzunder:

  • Subsidised moustache waxing and good quality fake moustaches for all residents who cannot grow their own
  • A hail-able rickshaw toilet which would tour Western Road.
  • Noise reduction teams who would confront loud revellers by playing louder 1970s love ballads
  • We will twin Hove with a warm holiday destination.

Uxbridge: A Constituency United by Hope

AlanHope2We are pleased to announce that Alan “Howlin Laud” Hope is standing as a candidate in Uxbridge, London against Boris and others on May 7th
Vote Loony, you know it makes sense. . .