European Elections

Just a reminder to all that, the European elections and some local elections are coming to a Polling station near you. In this year of remembrance for WWI and WWII, it is important to use the very vote for which many sadly gave their lives and fought, so that we could live in freedom and choose who we want to lead us.

So go and spend a few minutes casting your vote. Having said this unfortunately the Loony Party will not be standing any candidates as MEP’s as it cost £5k deposit to stand as a candidate. So it would seem to be democracy at a price. Wonga turned us down for a loan for our deposit, on the premise that we would be running up large debts, to which we replied “It’ll be good practice for when we get into Government”

Top of the League

As there are now so many organisations creating league table’s to monitor performance of NHS, Schools, Police, Dustman etc, we in the Loony Party propose to create a League table to monitor compilers of League tables. Those who come at the bottom will be made to sit down and learn their tables (anyone remember them?)

Elmbridge Council Elections & Victory Party

2014_2302_Victory_PartyThere are three Loony Party candidates  standing in Elmbridge Council Elections in May:
Molesey North ward: Monky The Drummer
Walton North ward: Badger
Hersham North ward: Crazy Dave
Everyone is invited to their victory party held the night before the election on Wednesday the 21st of May.

Radio Sutch’s 50 Anniversary

2014_2151_RadioSutch_Poster_26_MayIts  Radio Sutch’s 50th Anniversary in May and they are having a live broadcast on the 26th and 27th of May from The Divers Arms pub, Herne Bay, Kent.

Official Launch of Monster Mash – Thursday 1st May (latest updated information)

7pm – Official Monster Mash launch at the Mash brewery in East Stratton (Middle Barn, Burcot Farm, East Stratton SO21 3DZ). Access to the Mash brewery from 6.30pm. East Stratton is midway between Basingstoke and Winchester a mile off the A33. After passing the Northbrook Arms in East Stratton on the right the Mash brewery is less than 1 mile away on the left at Burcot Farm (first set of buildings on the left after you leave East Stratton village). Contact tel number at the Mash brewery is 01962 795023
7.45pm – Depart Mash brewery for Winchester (see below if you need transport).
8pm – Arrive at The Fulflood Arms (28, Cheriton Road. Winchester SO22 5EF) where two Co-ALE-ition ales will be on sale i.e. Mash brewery’s Monster Mash (4% blonde/golden ale) and Wild Weather’s HowlinGale (3.9% dark old ale). Contact tel number at the Fulflood Arms is 01962 842996
9.10pm – Depart Fulflood Arms and then a short walk to The Albion pub.
9.15pm – Arrive at The Albion pub (2, Stockbridge Road, Winchester SO23 7BZ) where two Co-ALE-ition ales will be on sale, which are Mash brewery’s Monster Mash and Wild Weather’s HowlinGale. Contact tel number at The Albion is 01962 846295.
The Albion pub is less than 100 metres from Winchester Station.
If anybody needs transport please contact Alan Hope (07946 292557) or Derrill Carr (07803 292557) as soon as possible for:
1. To the Mash brewery in East Stratton.
2. From Basingstoke or Winchester stations to the Mash brewery
3. From Mash brewery into Winchester.

People will need to make their own arrangements for getting home from the Albion in Winchester e.g. train from Winchester station. Everybody is welcome please call Derrill Carr on 07803 292557 or email him on to reserve/confirm a place.

Wild Weather in the Basingstoke Gazette

New Story in the Basingstoke Gazette

A Quick reminder

Nomination papers must be returned on or before the 24th of April!

Monster Mash to be launched on Thursday 1st May 2014

2014_2221_Monster_Mash_PumpclipWe will be officially launching Monster Mash our 7th Co-ALE-ition ale on Thursday 1st May 2014, details are as follows:-
7pm - Official launch event at the Mash brewery in East Stratton (Hampshire). The brewery is on a farm in a very small picturesque village located between Basingstoke and Winchester. Transport can be arranged from Basingstoke/Winchester stations direct to the Mash brewery.
8pm – Leave the Mash brewery and travel into Winchester Town Centre where we will visit up to three great real ale pubs all serving Monster Mash on the night. Transport will be arranged from the Mash brewery into Winchester.
The final pub we will visit is The Albion, right next to Winchester Station which will have Monster Mash and Wild Weather’s HowlinGale (3.9% dark old ale for CAMRA’s Mild month of May campaign) on handpump that very same night. The Albion’s claim to fame is that this was the OMRLP HQ for 10 days during the Winchester by-election in Nov 1997 when Lord Sutch was the candidate:-
Further details on this launch event will be announced as we get nearer the 1st May. However if you are interested in attending the Monster Mash launch event on the 1st May please email/phone Alan Hope or Derrill Carr their contact details are below:-
Alan Hope:-
Tel number:-   07946 292557
Derrill Carr:-
Tel number:- 01252 622964 or 07803 292557
Monster Mash is a rebranded version of Mash brewery’s award winning Mash Gold ale this is a very refreshing 4% golden ale with citrus zesty flavours resulting from the American Citra hops that are used. The Monster Mash pumpclip is a work of art, unique, very eye catching and completely different from the any of the previous six Co-ALE-ition pumpclips. We have used a photo of Alan Hope (Leader of the Loony Party) sitting over his cabinet who are from left to right:-  Knigel Knapp the Shadow Minister for big fibs and blatant lies, Baron Von Thunderclap Shadow Minister for saving the dodo, Chinners Shadow Minister for spinning and bouncing, The Flying Brick Shadow Minister for the abolition of gravity, RU Seerius Shadow Ministry for uncommitted manifesto commitments.