“Don’t be gloomy, vote Loony”

2015_2332_Arty_PoleLincs Loony, Arty Pole aka Peter Hill is having a great campaign in his bid to capture the parliamentary Louth and Horncastle seat in Lincolnshire.
He has been on: BBC Radio Lincs twice, Estuary TV ‘Hot Topic’, and has been filmed for BBC Look North.
This is a link to the newspaper East Lindsey Target posted on the 28th March.

The Mad Hatter on his soap box in Oxford

Get ready to download Monster Mash

On April Fool’s Day The Bigger Fibbers released The Official Monster Raving Loony Party General Election Song – A cover of the 50’s hit ‘Monster Mash‘ with lyrics changed to “They drank the mash.” The video features members of The Loony cabinet and bottles of Monster Mash from the Mash Brewery.
Now the Plan!
In just under a weeks time we can all start to go Monster Mash downloading mad! – The Single is up on iTunes and Amazon and every other download site. Have a look at https://itun.es/gb/NB3x6 to be ready for Monday 3rd May when we can try for the charts. We need just 8,000 downloads to get it into the Top 40.

Baron Barnes Von Claptrap in Wales Online

2015_2331_Baron_von_ClaptrapLiz Evans is standing against Baron Barnes Von Claptrap for the second time in five years in the Gower constituency in Wales. Loony headquarters recon it is a sure fire win for insanity and that The Baron will cruise through this time with loony flying colours.
Vote for Claptrap – you know it makes sense!
Read about The Baron in Wales Online
Our policies in Gower:

  • Super gluing young offenders together.
  • Keeping all of the Gower’s traffic lights permanently on green.

The Dame again!

Don’t be lame Vote Dame!

2015_2321_The_DameThe only choice to be made,
If you’re voting in Hove & Portslade,
Is for the Dame,
Of Loony Fame,
Stay calm and be not afraid.

Tom is standing for the Loony’s in his college mock elections.

Howling Laud on the Daily Politics show