We encourage everyone, even current politicians, to submit ideas to our world famous #Manicfesto! The following are some of the most recent from our wonderful Twitter followers…

  • Once in Government, anyone applying for 7 figure salary positions with the World Health Organisation or as Govt Health Advisors, will have to answer 15 correct questions on “WHO wants to be a Millionaire”.
  • In Brexit Trade Deals: Germany will be required to pay for treatment of Measles, and Spain will be required to pay for cases of Spanish Flu. The French will pay for all accidents resulting from kissing & broken letters & the Dutch will split all future expenses 50/50.
  • We will place in law measures to stop panic buying as COVID19 restrictions take hold. Shoppers will only be permitted to buy one panic per person.
  • It is evident that the 10pm pub curfew is not working , We propose that pubs ask people to leave in alphabetical order.
  • Shamefully Lord Sutch has never been allowed to take his place in the House of Lords. Nor were Duke Ellington, Count Basie or Lord Rockingham We will end this discrimination against musicians.
  • To unite the population, we will surround the UK with a large cardboard box so people can be both in and/or out of the EU. This will be known as Schrodinger’s Brexit.
  • To get more children reading, fish and chips will once again be wrapped in newspaper.
  • Once in Government we will introduce the Ministry of Clarity. The role of this Ministry will ensure that only the clearest clarity is made clear and the unclear clarity is cleared out. We hope that our position on this is now clear to all.
  • In Government, we will complete a 5 year Parliament in only 4 years. This policy not only ensures a 20% saving for the public purse but also gives everyone in the UK a year off from listening to our politicians.
  • The MOT is an annual test to ensure that your car is roadworthy. We will introduce a ROT, an annual test to make sure all roads are car worthy.

And from 1st January 2021, passports will be issued in the colour of political voting. Tories will be Blue, Labour will be Red, Greens will be green. Official Loonies will have leopard spots, and Lib Dem’s will be invisible.

Chris Dowling – aka ‘The Human Jukebox’

It is with great sadness that we have to report the passing of Crucial Chris Dowling. A loony legend from the early days whilst gigging with our Spiritual Leader Screaming Lord Sutch along Westminster Bridge. He was taught the guitar at 10 years old by Marc Bolan and went on to become a stupendous musician, earning the title of ‘The Human Jukebox’. He headlined many a loony conference and a plethora of loony ‘victory parties’ held the night before the counting of votes.
He wrote one of his best songs for the party’s 2010 General Election. This was themed on the current expenses scandal. At the same time he stood as our candidate in the most suitable of constituencies . . . Barking!

In 2012 he was to be our candidate for London Mayor and his campaign promo had him at his deliciously subversive best! https://youtu.be/CxOdCZUJ_3g
He lived for live music & loonyism. The party send their deepest condolences to his wife Roni, his family and all the musicians who had their gigs enriched by his presence on stage.
He accused politicians of making him a monster raving loony but in truth . . . it was probably the other way round.

Crucial Chris’s cremation service will be available to watch live on Monday 12th Oct from about 2.35pm using the following access side/passwords. I have arranged with his wife Roni for ‘Monster Mistake’ to be played at the beginning of the service!!
https://www.obitus.com/ – Username Gupu5048 – Password 311114


Party needs (to) Learn to Lie

The Faux Fibbers, who would have been playing at this years conference had it been going ahead, have just released a new album – ‘Learn to lie’ on Blang Records. Lead singer, Knigel Knapp, one of the MRLP five Deputy Leaders, says the album is full of nutty, blues-tinged psych-pop and that it’s bloody great! – He’s not lying.

“The Faux Fibbers new album ‘Learn to Lie’ a review! Very good, some very funny interesting songs. Someone, somewhere, one day will get to know of the song writing prowess of Nigel Knapp and Jerry Wigens, and they will become very rich from others recording their material. If ‘The Fibbers’ don’t get there first. This set of songs is excellent.”
Alan ‘Laud Howling’ Hope. Leader of The Monster Raving Loony Party

You won’t be able to buy the CD at this years conference but u can order it here – http://www.bigfibbers.co.uk
It is also available to download at all the usual downloading sites.

Where there’s Hope . . .

The latest ‘fantastic’ publicity in the Wetherspoon_Magazine
Apart from ordering from Amazon, personally dedicated signed copy’s can be obtained direct from ‘The Howling Laud’ himself. For a princely sum of £12.50 to inc P+P.
Call 07946292557 for details and to register your address!

The Book by Post

As you are all well aware, this years conference has been called off. Thanks for all your messages of support and condolences, the Loony Party will be back!
Many of you were waiting for the conference to buy a copy of the Loony Party Illustrious Leader’s autobiography ‘The Great White Hope’ but all is not lost. Howling Laud will post a personally signed copy. For the princely sum of £12.50, p+p inclusive, by cheque or by bank transfer. Call him on 07946 292 557 for details!
Howling ‘Laud’ Hope.

Conference 2020 is Cancelled

It is with great sadness and not very much gladness that I have to inform you all, that this year’s conference in Louth, Lincolnshire, 24-25-26 September, has been cancelled. Blame it on Dr Covid, coming in here and upsetting all our plans, how dare he.
I have informed all the acts that were booked, and the accommodation that was joining in with us, but if you are booked in of your own accord somewhere, please inform them ASAP. We shall want to go back at a future date, please don’t let anybody down.
I was waiting until August 1st to find out the situation, but my arm was twisted today by the Government announcement that ‘Social Distancing’ will be in operation until 1st October at least, if not longer. Under those circumstances, it just wasn’t going to work.
I know we were all looking forward to it, only 9 weeks away, but there it is, nobody more sorrowful than me. This would have been our 37th party conference.
Never mind, lets hope its for the best, see you all again sometime, look after yourselves.
Howling ‘Laud’ Hope
Party Leader.

The Great White Hope – The book

Alan ‘Howling Laud’ Hope – Hampshire lad, father, grandfather, Rock and Roll star, hotelier, publican, Mayor of Ashburton, and Leader of the Official Monster Raving Loony Party. The longest serving Party Leader in Great Britain in over 150 years.
This book charts the history of the Loony Party from its conception in 1982 and annual conferences, his complete record at major elections and lots of new stories and information about his great friend Screaming Lord Sutch.
A man who has rubbed shoulders with Prime Ministers and Rock Stars, and everyone in between. A man who enjoys life. A life of many highs, and some lows.
If you have an interest in politics, are excited by Rock and Roll, or both, you should read this book and trace Alan’s life from the birth of Rock and Roll to today’s political confusions. And for the very first time, you can read the full story of when Alan sent The Beatles packing with their tails between their legs in December 1961.
Call 07946 292557 if you would like a personally signed copy by post.
Buy >>from Amazon<<
>>The customer reviews on Amazon<<

#LoonyLotto’s Final Lockdown for New Teenager Ministers.

Our Twitter lockdown fun & games came to a final hurrah on Saturday 20th June as the Government relaxed the locks from the barn door that let the horses bolt 3 months earlier. Over 500 people participated in the daily plethora of fun and games with over 100 badges and OFFICIAL Loony prizes being given out. As part of the fun, 6 new Loony Ministers were OFFICIALLY approved for their duties once we form the next Government.

Lord Matthew Wright – Minister of Wrights, Wrongs & Lefts
Rev Doctor Jackson – Minister of Love, Peace & Bananas
Dear Lord Tim Lovejoy – Minister of Schoolboy Errors
Lord Ray Dorset – Minister of Blue Skies & the Summertime
Radio Alty’s Pete & Tom – Ministers of Donut Radio’s Inside Pastries (DRIPs)

We thank all the special guests that took part, especially the special #LoonyQT panel & our new Minister’s who took the time to judge some of the competitions and interact with many of our followers during the games. A final big thank you goes to the TISWAS Online team for their weekly contribution to the games along with some fantastic interviews & clips every Saturday morning whilst raising money for Birmingham Children’s Hospital.

We salute you all! #StayAlert #StayLoony