Our Local Area Candidates

Known party members to date who have submitted election papers for their own local areas on Thurs 5th May 1016:
Alan Hope aka Howling ‘Laud’ Hope – Hart District Hampshire.
Alasdaire de Voile aka The Mad Hatter – Carfax Ward Oxford.
Mark Beech aka The Good Knight Sir Nos Dar – Pellsall Ward, Wallsall.
Andrew Cameron aka Lord Cameron of Roundwood – Baguley Ward, Manchester.
Shaun Jones aka Sir Oink-a-Lot – Sharston Ward, Manchester.
John Horner aka Johnny Disco – Northenden Ward, Manchester.
This is apart from the 25 of us standing in ‘The Welsh Assembly’ on the same day!
We also have six sitting Councillors at this time. Lets wish them all the best of luck!
Howling ‘Laud’ Hope – Party Leader.

Our ‘Party Election Broadcast’ for the Welsh Assembly

Party Election Broadcast listing!

BBC_Listings_13_Apr_2016Our 1st ever Party Election Broadcast was shown on the 13th April.

5.55pm – BBC2 Wales
6.25pm – ITV Wales
6.55pm – BBC1 Wales

“If you don’t usually vote, vote unusually!”

All our candidates standing for the Welsh Assembly

South Wales West (7)
Baron Barnes von Claptrap, Pete d’Lune, Margaret Jean Phillips, Sir Stevie Wonderful, Glyn Hyndman, Robert Gilis, Dewi Bowen

South Wales Central (5)
Howling Laud Hope, Mark Beech, Tony Davies, Baron von Thunderclap, Good Lord Dia Rea

South Wales East (5)
Baron Von Magpie Bum, Hugo Shovit, Mad Mike Young, Arty Pole, Dr Doodle Do

Mid & West Wales (7)
Lady lily The Pink, R.U. Seerius , Lady HelenBak, Lieutenant Jager Schnitzel, Knigel Knapp, Tristian Shout, Lord & Lady Dunquan

North Wales (6)
Nick the Flying Brick, Lord Cameron of Roundwood, Johnny Disco, Sir Oink-A-Lot, Mr McFloatyhands, Leon of Britain

Attention! Prepare for our 1st Ever ‘Party Election Broadcast!’

2016_0705_The_Senedd_13_FebWe qualified today for our our 1st ever Party Election Broadcast which will be broadcast on BBC & ITV Wales on the 13th April. We have candidates in all five regions in Wales with South Wales Central and South Wales East having their nominations accepted today on the 1st April. The South Wales East region organised by Alun Magpie Bum have, we believe, the youngest candidate to have ever stood for a seat in a British Higher Chamber. Hugo Shovit aka Aiden Conlin of Penhow was 18 yrs old last Wednesday on the 30th of March. Here he is in a green suit at the Senedd with other candidates preparing for Government. Vote Loony you know it makes Sense!
Flying Brick

The ‘Sunday People’ – about lost deposits

2015_2650_Doncaster_Count_Mirror_7_MayThe Sunday People interviewed Howling and published an article about “lost deposits”.
“We’re proud of that record,” Loony leader Howling Laud Hope told the Mirror’s Sunday newspaper.
“If anyone saved their deposit it would mean they are not being loony enough.

Baron Von Bum’s campaign in Islwyn, South Wales

2015_3202_Baron_Von_BumI nearly left it late to stand for the OMRLP in Islwyn, South Wales with about a week to go before the deadline. I was a little dismayed to lose my BUM in the process. I registered as Baron von Magpie BUM, but the returning officer felt my BUM may cause offence to some of Islwyn’s more sensitive voters. So I became Baron von Magpie on the ballot paper.
To my total surprise, friends and neighbours raised the £500 deposit in just over a week, with a few pounds left over to get some posters and leaflets printed up by a local printer and with the help of the most excellent Baron von Claptrap, standing in the Gower.
2015_3203_Baron_Von_BumThere followed many miles of putting up flyers and chatting to the locals, who by-and-large were very supportive. Best not to mention the 4-car pile up I caused when a driver was so busy watching me putting up posters they didn’t notice the other 3 cars stopped at lights in front of them. Only one broken wrist. Oops!
On Election Day it was great to be able to vote for myself. Later that night I attended the count, accompanied by the Baroness who decided to dress for the occasion in a full sized chicken suit. As we walked into the count the looks were a mixture of puzzlement and disbelief followed by the look of realisation that the Loonies had arrived. I was extremely pleased to get 213 votes. Chris Evans, of Labour won the seat – but I loved the headline ‘Evans wins again’ as my real surname is also Evans! Can’t wait for the Welsh Assembly elections next year so watch out , Baron von Magpie BUM WILL ride again!

General Election 2015

Well there it is, its all over, the dust has settled, and time to reflect, didn’t we do well. 16 candidates in the General and 13 candidates in local elections. Well done to each and every one of you, be as proud of yourself as I am of you. We didn’t return any MPs, but then we don’t need to, we are all ‘Mad Prats’, in the nicest sense of the word. I’ll tell you what we did do though, we gained six Council seats. In Derbyshire, Lincolnshire, Worcestershire, Dorset, Sussex and Surrey to go along with the one that we already had in Hampshire. Now that’s something to be proud of in its self. In our own way we out loonied a lot of the other party’s. Its just makes me smile sometimes, and this was one such time. One of our members gets 72 votes, beats five other candidates, who in their mind are standing for a very good reason, only to be beaten by a LOONY, I wonder what goes through their mind. I bet they got some stick from their friends.
Looking forward to 2020, I bet you are, its all good fun and I expect you thoroughly enjoyed yourselves and met some nice people. I very often get the impression that the people really want us to win, but ‘he vote’s for us because he thinks that everyone else will’, but it doesn’t work like that, I keep telling ‘em. We’ve always said that if a smile was a vote, we’d win by a landslide. We are the party that everybody loves underneath it all, they would all love to come to our party!

Well they can, Sept 24-25-26 September, Blackpool, their putting the illuminations on a week earlier especially for us! And so can you, make this the next big date in your diary, don’t miss it, if you aint been yet, well you aint been nowhere. All the details are on our web page, the earlier you book the better, there is room for everyone, campers, motor homes and all. Please don’t have a preconceived idea that you will learn any thing or make any mind boggling discoveries, cause you won’t. Just bring your silly hat and join in the fun. This will be our 31st conference, let’s make sure its as good as the other 30.
We have a special contingent coming over from Germany, The Munster Raving Loony Party. See you all there, if not before!!
Howling ‘Laud’ Hope. Party Leader.

George Ridgeon sitting in Gloucester

2015_2801_George_RidgeonThe reason I stood, or in my case sat, for Parliament , for the first time, five years ago was that I could not help loony “Dancing Ken Hanks” at the University building he was speaking in as it was inaccessible to wheelchairs. How loony was that? My main campaign is for disabled access. I hope to encourage other disabled people to get out when they see me making a fool of myself.
I brought smiles to the public and to the other candidates, at the hustings I attended.  My 55,000 leaflet drop brought in 227 votes which represents 242 leaflets per vote! I had donations from both Labour and LibDem supporters to my cousin running for spinal research in the London marathon for his nutty uncle George.

Lunacy is sweeping the nation

The Loony Party have seven elected representatives around the UK

  • Howling Laud Hope, Fleet Town Council, Hampshire.
  • Baron Von Thunderclap, Bolney Parish, Sussex.
  • Martin Hogbin, Limpsfield Parish, Surrey.
  • Peter E. Hill, Great Carlton Parish, Lincolnshire.
  • Nick the Flying Brick, Kirk Ireton Parish, Derbyshire.
  • Baron Fullstop, Childwickham Parish, Worcestershire.
  • Roger Monksummers, Gilligham Parish, Dorset.