Victory party in Islington

The Monster Raving Loony Party will be holding a Victory Party –
Before the count has even begun !
With The Big Faux Fibbers 
 at – The Liquor Works, 203 Holloway Rd. N7 8DL
Free entry –  Show starts about 9.30 + Irish music session from The Curfew
Come along and meet members of the Monster Raving Loony Party
You could join the party ! – and then maybe stand in the next election !
Hope to see u all there !  Cheers – Knigel Knapp, Knight of the unKnown.
VOTE FOR THE MONSTER RAVING LOONY PARTY – The only sane thing to do in a world gone mad !

Victory Party – free event from the party of music




Richmond Park and North Kingston By-election 1st Dec

Sarah Olney – Lib Dem –  20,510
Zac Goldsmith – Independent – 18,638
Christian Woolmer – Labour – 1,515
Howling ‘Laud’ Hope – Raving Loony – 184
Fiona Simms – Independent – 173
Dominic Stockford – Christian Alliance – 164
Maharajah Jammu – One Love Party – 67
David Powell – Independent – 32
A great result, raised a few eyebrows, coming fourth from eight candidates. Ok, so Conservative and Ukip didn’t stand, they threw their weight behind Zac Goldsmith, so unfortunately they also lost, didn’t they!

I arrived in Richmond on Sunday 27th Nov to start our campaign, although my agent Jason Chinnery, ‘Chinners’ our Minister for 2016_9007_The_Triple_Crown_Richmond_1_DecSpinning and Bouncing, had already done most of the footwork, getting the nomination papers signed and paving the way for a wonderful sense of camaraderie between us and the electors. Chinners is a local, he knows everybody.

On the Monday, St George of Rideon, our candidate from Gloucester 2016_9016_The_Triple_Crown_Richmond_1_Decarrived for a day or two, we went canvassing the streets laughing and joking with anybody who he could get to listen. He thoroughly enjoyed himself, pity he couldn’t stay longer.

Wednesday, O B Joyful and Lawd Lawson arrived, so we toured the constituency in his battle bus, with loudhailer at the ready, 2016_9017_The_Triple_Crown_Richmond_1_Decbringing lots of smiles to peoples faces.

Thursday, we held our Victory Party in the ‘Triple Crown’ thanks to Harvey the landlord, usually this would be on the Wednesday but circumstances made this difficult, so Thurs it was. A fine line up of entertainment was had by all.

2016_9032_RuTC_Sports_Hall_Richmond_1_Dec‘The Big Fibbers’ started the show, followed by ‘Chris Dowling’ and ‘Whats Next’, then ‘The Mojo Crew’, ‘Linda Landers’ did a guest spot, as did the Howling ‘Laud’ and – The Teenage Kicker – ‘Chinners’. By now ‘The Flying Brick’ had arrived from Derbyshire and others ready for the count to be held that very same evening. So after a night of raucous Rock’n’Roll of we went,
Myself, The Brick, Knigel Knapp, OB and the Lawd, Yvonne Elwood, Lib Dem Dave and Chinners.


“Never mind Zac…Now you know how we feel.. “

The count was the usual good fun, Flying and Howling getting up to their usual tricks, with the worlds cameras flashing all over the place, when we made our grand entrance. Once again thanks to Chinners for all his hard work and endeavour, a fine job he did. And of course to ‘Punk Rock Harvey’ the landlord, who gave us the use of his premises and the 184 voters who got it right.

Phew, a couple of days back home, then off again on Sunday up to Sleaford Lincolnshire for another by-election on Thurs 8th. Supporting our candidate ‘The Iconic Arty Pole’. Watch for more news!!!

The Howling ‘Laud’

New event at the Poyntz Arms

If by any chance you cannot make it to the Loony party Conference and you live within travelling distance of East Molesey you could always go down to the Poyntz Arms (Walton Road, East Molesey, KT8 0DP) on Fri 30th Sept to see the terrific Delta Ladies. Check out their reviews here


and another Welsh Assembly Victory Party


Lennon & McCartney


More music free from The Loony party

Just a reminder that our man Chinners runs events almost every week…most of it is free.
So if your local, or passing go see these bands….
this week:
SAT 23rd Jan, 8.30pm
@ Cricketers, Chessington, Surrey

live at the cricketers

cricketers 2014-15 fly

Free music from the Loony Party

2015_1625_Battle_BusWell the election propaganda is now on full steam. . . however if you are already sick to death with lies, deceit, and general political spin, go see a band. . . and here’s one that should not be missed playing at:
FRIDAY 3RD APRIL at Loony HQ, The Poyntz Arms, Molesey, the hillbilly hellfire of THE CURST SONS!!