Policy Proposals

Stocking up new Manifesto policies, a proposal from Sheik Mihand

Put all people committed of un-social behaviour in to Stocks, this will create a demand for stocks, which should help to increase the stock market.

Law and order proposal

Superglue unruly teenagers together.As the saying goes if you cant beat them you may as well join em.

We will nationalise crime to make sure it doesn’t pay

Prison Food-is it criminal?

The problems of prison overcrowding and increased crime will be solved easily by issuing a compulsory contract on McDonalds to do all prison catering. Convervative estimates suggest a 50% reduction in crime rates within 2 years with 0% re-offender figures.

Onesided Europe Policy

It is proposed that The European Union end its discrimination by creating a “Court of Human Lefts” because their present policy is one_sided.

Show your true Political Colours

All politicians should paint them self’s permantly head to toe in the colour of the party they represent – e.g. all Labour candidates in Red, all Conservatives in Blue, etc,etc

One hours silence

At 12 0′ clock pm every day we will have a one hour silence dedicated to our time that has been lost due to work, home and labour

Scary Terrorists

Ban all terrorists from having beards as they look scary.

Safer Tractors

Ban tractors from driving on roads, they can drive across their fields.

Good Heroes

Make it illegal for super heroes to use their powers for evil.

Poop Scoop

Anyone allowing their Hyena to poop on the pavement should shovel it away immediately, As this is no laughing matter