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Brecon and Radnorshire roundup

Lily writes:
Well there you have it , by-election done and dusted . . . And guess what? WE BEAT UKIP! By a lot! A surge of loony support, giving Lady Lil 334 votes +1% to UKIPs 242.
Screaming Lord Sutch beat the SDP back in the 1990 Bootle by-election and that saw their demise. Maybe this is the final nail in the UKIP coffin?
I’ve had an absolute blast this last 5 weeks, I’ve met amazing people, dished out my fair share of cwtches (Welsh hugs), I’ve sung and danced with people in the streets. It’s been awesome. People on the whole are ordinarily extraordinary, and I find that totally wonderful.
My aim was to get people out to vote when they might otherwise have not. I can happily declare my mission accomplished as the by-election turnout was 59.72 %
The Lib-Dems knocked the Tories out but by a surprisingly slim margin seeing as they ran with the disgraced candidate who had recently been found guilty of forging invoices for his expense claim and had lost a recall petition with 19% veto.
Lily ended by saying “right, where are my meds? Stick me in a tent in a field and let me sleep for three days” . . . And as far as we know that’s where she is . . .

Lady Lily the Pink


Howling writes:
‘Brecon Beckoned’, and we were there in all our glory. I arrived at our Welsh Party HQ, ‘The Neuadd Arms Hotel’, in Llanwrtyd Wells, which is within the constituency, on Sunday 28th July. Very surprised do be told “we are holding a welcoming party tonight”. Lady Lily the Pink our candidate excelled herself, along with other Welsh Party members. Monday saw myself with Lily and John, canvassing Llandridnod Wells and Knighton. They dropped me off in middle of the towns, I canvassed the public houses whilst they went leaflet dropping, it works well that way. Monday evening saw us at a Hustings in Presteign, 250-300 people, guess who the star of the show was, yes, of course, it was our Lily. Lily went to Brecon on Tuesday and delivered her last 200 leaflets all on her own, whilst I once again did the local public houses of Llanwrtyd. Wednesday was a rest day before the storm.

Election Day Thursday 1st, we all mustered up at the HQ to head of to Builth Wells where the count was held. Chris Rogers, party Member, aka Lord Offa of the Dykes, had arranged for our pre election victory party to be in the ‘Barley Mow’ in Builth. Whereupon we were joined by The Flying Brick, Mr R.U. Seerius, and Lady Hell ’n Bak for the final proceedings. Thirteen of us proceeded to the count at the ‘Builth Showground’. Wow, what a reception, the whole worlds cameras were waiting for us. Lily once again was the star of the show.

Lily and I walked in together, the cameras wouldn’t stop clicking. Political counts always look forward to our ‘Loony Party’ entrance, and do we know how to do that.
Great chat and banter throughout the parade, a lot of the usual suspects there. All wanting to congratulate Lily on the way that she had conducted her campaign. She certainly was a Loony Party credit, was the words I heard on more than one occasion. I can vouch for that having been with her for a week, an amazing show.
Not all over yet, the result. The place erupted when it was finally announced that Lily had beaten UKIP. Wow what a result. They will probably pack up now, as Dr David Owen’s SDP did in Bootle in 1990 when we beat them.

Saturday night the HQ held a meet and greet party. Come and meet Britain’s longest serving political party leader of 20 years. A very special oil painting commissioned by Anna-Lisa Coleman was presented to me on behalf of all our Welsh Loony Party members. I must admit I was quite overwhelmed and honoured!

All in all a wonderful performance, thanks to all our Welsh Loony’s, especially Anna-Lisa, Hugo Shovit, Dana minister for Fiddles, Craig, Lindsay and team at the Neuadd and all the fantastic people of Llanwrtyd.

Howling ‘Laud’ Hope
Loony Party Leader.



Lord Brockman round-up

A by-Election was called for Evesham Town Council (South Ward) when the Conservative candidate, who had been elected in May, resigned immediately. Does that sound familiar? It’s not the first time the so called serious parties have ‘borrowed’ a Loony idea . Two elections in 12 weeks and polling day the hottest in UK history, saw a very low turn out of just 13.7%.
I stood as a candidate with the conviction to nod, the courage to point and the experience to cram buzzwords into every interview. “Tough on things and tough on the cause of things!”
It must have worked because in May I was last of 6 and this time I was 3rd of 4th candidates. Green Party 299 Liberal Democrats 125 Official Monster Raving Loony Party 60 Mary Campbell 51 Now I must work on my nodding & pointing skills in preparation for what ever happens next. Good luck to Lady Lilly The Pink on August 1st.
Lord Brockman

Brecon Calling

The Brecon and Radnorshire By-election will take place on Thursday 1st August. Lady Lily the Pink, our candidate, is all fired up and rearing to go in her Pink Loonymobile. I shall be moving into the area on Sunday 28th July to lend my support for the final thrust and breakthrough. Staying as a special guest of the Lindsey’s at our Welsh Headquarters, The Neuadd Arms Hotel, Llanwrtyd Wells, until Sunday 4th August. On the Thursday evening of the 1st before the count, we shall be holding our victory party in The Barley Mow, 1 West St Builth Wells. The count is in the Showground, Builth. On Saturday 3rd August we shall be holding a meet and greet at The Neuadd Arms. Come and meet Britains longest serving Party Political leader of 20 years, Howling ‘Laud’ Hope.

On another note its only 8 weeks to Conference Time, 26-27-28th September, once again we are back to Belper, Derbyshire, the scene of ‘The Belter in Belper’ 2018.  Again with the kind permission of Craig the Landlord of the George and Dragon in Bridge St, and the help of Dale Rowles, the Black Dog. The line up for the weekend is :- Friday – Gareth Ike, (yes Davids son). Gripper and the Gurnards. Loony Star Band with ‘Joe Jammer’, plus the worlds most disgusting act, ‘Badaxe Badaxe’, so good we named him twice. Warning, please don’t be offended by him, he means it!
Saturday :- The Big Fibbers, BB Black Dog Band, plus the fantastic Dr Diablo and the Rodent Show. Also other guests who may turn up, as they usually do. I shall be staying in The George as from Thursday 19th Sept, so as usual, anybody who wants to make a week of it, you won’t be on your own.
See you all there.
Howling ‘Laud’ Hope Loony Party Leader.

Howling’s birthday party at Prince Arthur

A 77th birthday was held at Prince Arthur, Fleet for Howling Laud on the 16th June. The party also celebrated Howling’s twenty years as Leader of the Official Monster Raving Loony Party.

Howling visited the Prince Arthur in 1999, 20 years ago, and he made the Prince Arthur his local pub in 2005 when he moved to Fleet, frequenting 3000 times since.

Stuart Merricks, Prince Arthur Manager presented Howling with an inscribed silver tankard on behalf of JD Wetherspoon’s. Then a birthday cake was delivered to his table and everybody sang “Happy Birthday”, after which he gave a speech and sang “Mack the Knife” to rapturous applause!

Brecon & Radnor by-election 1st Aug 2019: Lady Lily the Pink

Pushing forward with the election campaign

I confirm I will be standing (possibly slouching, or leaning) occasionally squatting or kneeling, but not lying, in the local by-election taking place on 1st August

I have been quite poorly this last few weeks, my doctor diagnosed a ‘sensible virus ‘ after reading this statement:
Just because I don’t care for the so called ‘sensible’ parties doesn’t mean I don’t care for the community I live in. I am a Monster Raving Loony because they are the only Party that is on your side no matter what your political persuasion may be. We use humour to provoke political discussion.

People tell me that they don’t bother voting because nothing changes but the sensible parties love a bit of voter apathy…. the less people voting the less people they have to cater for….they can just carry on in a system of self-servitude.

Working in the home office

It’s a fact, more people don’t vote than do. The none voters represent the majority, if that majority all voted for None of the Above, it would be a political mudslide, there really is nothing wrong with the occasional spot of serious loonyism, sometimes it’s the only thing that makes sense, I mean look at the mess we’re in; to quote… Clowns to the left of me Jokers to the Right
So I say, I am “None of the Above’ , Don’t don’t vote; if you don’t know what to think, vote Pink!

Lady Lil is also delighted to announce that the great Howling Laud Hope will be resident at Loony H/Q (AKA Neuadd Arms Hotel, Llanwrtyd Wells) from 28th July to help on the campaign trail whilst also celebrating 20 years as leader of the Party, making him the longest standing Political Party Leader ever! Come and join the Party party and drink a drink a drink to Lily the Pink (and The Howling Laud)

Peter ‘Top Cat’ Owen aka Bananaman

Peter joined the Monster Raving Loony Party whilst we were still in Devon at The Golden Lion Hotel in Ashburton, around about 1985.  A staunch member who would come along to any by-elections in support of our candidates. He stood in six parliamentary elections in his time, 5 of them in his home constituency of Wokingham, Berkshire. Gaining 531 votes in 1992 – 877 in 1997 – 880 in 2001 – 569 in 2005 – 329 in 2010. The 6th one was in the Henley-on-Thames by-election in 2008 when he polled 242. Additionally in 1994 he stood in the European Election and achieved an amazing 2,859 votes. A Loony Party record to this day, for the most votes in any election.

He became our deputy leader and held the position very well. He had not been too well for some time, so he and his wife Peggy moved up to Yorkshire to be near their two daughters.  Condolences from all Loony Party members go out to them at this sad time.
So long Peter, we had some fun, fond memories from us all.
 Howling ‘Laud’ Hope – Party Leader.

Peterborough By-election June 6th 2019

We came, we saw, but we didn’t conker, conkers aren’t ready until September.
There were fifteen candidates and we beat five of them, coming in at tenth place. We were a little disappointed at not being a bit higher, but then many people told me that had ‘The Brexit Party’ not been standing, we would have had their vote, so a little bit of encouragement. All in all good banter, good friendly place, met up with all the usual suspects of the political world.

Other candidates were very friendly, none more so than Mike Greene of the Brexit Party, a new friend of mine. We had a lot in common, not millionaire wise though, I wish!

Once again my agent, the ‘Flying Brick’ did his usual grand job of securing all the names for the nomination papers, in the pouring rain, I might add. Well done Flying, he loves it really.

I spent eleven days in Peterborough on the run-up to the election, with ‘The College Arms’ Wetherspoons as my main meeting place and where I held the Loony Party surgery’s. A lot of fun and laughter was had by all. Met up with Katie Hopkins doing a documentary for Fox TV news, apparently they love us out in America. Also Rod Liddle, another old friend and good drinking partner.

A lot of media coverage from radio, TV and the newspapers. At the count we made our usual grand entrance, supervised by the Flying Brick. By now I had been joined by  Mr RU Seerius, Lady Hell ‘n Bak, Chinners, Baron Badger, Miss Yvonne This, OB Joyful, Steve the Lawd son, Stevie Rules and party sympathiser Derrill Carr. Mike Greene made the comment ‘It was as if Elvis had just entered the building, absolutely wonderful, very impressive’. The SDP were very relieved to get 23 votes more than us, it was they that we beat in Bootle, when Dr David Owen was in charge, and they have only just started up again!

When the Ball was over, we were invited to attend the Brexit ‘victory party’. What a shock they came second, obviously turned out to be a runners up party. Nevertheless a good end to the evening, or early morning is a better way of putting it.

The latest news is, that if it’s proven to be a fraudulent result, there could be a re-run. Electoral Commission looking into voting misdemeanours.

Now that could be good fun all over again. Who’s ready to join us at the next by-election? There is no date as yet, but its probably Brecon in mid Wales.

Howling Laud Hope
Loony Party Leader


Howling Birthday Party

Sunday June 16th, Wetherspoon in Fleet, Hampshire are hosting a party to commemorate my birthday, which coincides with myself being the longest serving party leader in British Politics. Its going to be a national story. If any of you can be there, great. Will see some of you next week in Peterboro’. Pass the word around, there is a lot of interest.

Election Communication for the Peterborough By- election Thursday June 6th 2019

Howling ‘Laud’ Hope is standing as a member of ‘The Official Monster Raving Loony Party’. The only Party that is on your side no matter what your political persuasion may be.
If you’ve ever thought I’d like to vote for ‘None of the Above’, you can.  – For I am ‘none of the above’. If you don’t usually vote, then vote unusually, vote for Howling Laud. Remember, the only wasted vote is one that’s not used. The biggest party in British Politics is ‘The Non Voting Party’, if all of those ‘members’ voted for us, we would win. What have you got to lose!
I intend to stand for ‘Things’. Things that need doing. Things that are good for the town. Things that can make Peterborough one great big happy community. I have had much experience of doing just that, more on a local level, having been a Town Councillor for many years, and still currently elected. Plus ‘Town Mayor’, all on a Loony Party ticket.
Nothing wrong with ‘Sensible Loonyism’ it makes more sense than Labour, Conservative and Liberal put together, as we have all witnessed, all so recently.
Show the other party’s that “you do care” about Politics, but not necessarily for them.
C’mon lets shake ‘em up, and do they need a good shaking. They cant cope, so vote for Hope!!!
Howling Laud Hope

Hart District Council Hampshire.

Katie Davies – CCH – 1,607
Jonathan Seale – Cons – 632
Robert Theaker – Lab – 148
Howling ‘Laud’ Hope – Loony 118

Although our party leader was not elected, it was with great exultation that he was almost 100% up on the last time he stood in same election, and gained only 60 votes.
He was also jubilant that in some neighbouring wards he received more votes than 3 other Labour candidates and 1 other.
Something to build on, for the not to distant future. Hopefully! All is not lost party wise though, he still holds his seat on the Fleet Town Council, and has done for 9 years now!
More news to follow from other members who stood, as soon as known.

Other News, we shall be standing in the Peterborough by-election on Thursday 6th June. Papers all in and accepted, thanks must go to the Incredible ‘Flying Brick’ our party treasurer. For it was he, that traveled all the way from Derbyshire to Peterborough to procure the 10 signatures that I needed in the pouring rain. There’s professional Loonyism for you.

If any members live in and around Peterborough, I shall be there as from Monday 27th til Friday 7th , come and find us, we’ll be in town. College Arms, Drapers Arms, Sportsmans, are looking good places to find us. Look out for anyone wearing a ‘Loony Badge’ to catch up!!
Howling ‘Laud’ Hope
Prospected member of Parliament for Peterborough!