Looking for Loonies

“He seeks them here,he seeks them there,he seeks them just about everywhere” has been the forlorn cry of party member Lord Charles – until now,that is,because he hopes that this posting will change everything!!
From Stubbington in South Hampshire he is keen to hear from others in the party.
Living in the ‘Duck House’ parliamentary constituency of Gosport is a perfect location for a Loony.
Lord Charles welcomes contact from other party members ‘on his patch’ and from the wider Solent region on 07982 204768.

2017 Northenden Boat Race

2017_4762_Northeden_Boat_Race_JulForget Oxford v Cambridge or the Henley Regatta! The 11th annual Northenden Boat Race takes place on Sunday the 27th of August in Northenden, Manchester.

This annual event takes place in the picturesque suburban hamlet of Northenden.

Raising money for Christies the cancer charity. Last year’s total was £5305
Get yourself a dinghy and join in. All 2017_4761_Northeden_Boat_Race_Julwelcome

Watch “Northenden Boat Race Aug 2016” on Vimeo
Lord Andy Cameron

Loony Party Conference and more!

Loony party HQ propose the Howling Laud be made ‘Deputy Prime Minister of the United Kingdom’ as this will deliver a ‘strong and stable leadership’ for Theresa May’s government. Our Illustrious leader will have served a full eighteen years by the time our party conference takes place in Blackpool this September. The only continuous leader of any other party who has beaten this record was Clement Atlee whose twenty years included a period before WWII. Just like Clement Atlee Howling Laud is a resident of Fleet, Hampshire and would be happy to commute to No 10 on the bus. While travelling in every day he will listen to some old and favourite songs including ‘No 10 and bussed’ by Screaming Lord Sutch.

Since Howling ‘Laud’ became Leader of the Party in 1999:

  • The Conservatives have had 5 Leaders – Hague, IDS, Howard, Cameron and May
  • Labour have also had 5 – Blair, Brown, Harman, Milliband and Corbyn
  • Lib Dems have had 6 – Ashdown, Kennedy, Campbell, Cable, Clegg and Farron, with a 7th very soon.
  • UKIP have had 3 in less than 2 years – Farage, James and Nuttall, with yet another very soon.

The Blackpool conference this year has moved to Molloys, Talbot Street in the town centre where lovely Jo Jacklin is the landlady. Molloys is just up the road from the Firework Extravaganza on North Parade Pier. Vince Ripper and his Rodent Show, Electric Boogie Band, Badaxe, Joe Jammer, Elvis, and many many more will be there. Plus one of our conference highlights, the open top bus tour of the finest hostelries in the area takes place 12 noon Saturday. This will be followed by our ‘world famous’ cabinet reshuffle.

Those of you who are regulars, stay where you are booked, it’s not that far away. We know there are going to be a lot of ‘conference virgins’ this year, if it’s your first time, you are very welcome. We will keep you up to date on this web site, www.loonyparty.com – If you are new, note this no 07946292557 and you won’t get lost!!!

Loony HQ

Knigel Knapp – Report from Islington North

2017_3425_The_Liquor_Works_203_Holloway_Rd_8_JunSo Theresa May sprung a General Election on us and there we all were thinking that it wouldn’t be until 2020, so much for fixed parliaments! Well it meant that I wasn’t able to stand cus I hadn’t got any money saved for my deposit, I thought I had 3 more years! Ah well . . .
But then Nick the Brick called suggesting I stand, but not in Hackney North, were I live, but in Islington 2017_3428_The_Liquor_Works_203_Holloway_Rd_8_JunNorth, against Jeremy Corbyn. “Think of the glory,” he said, “you must do it for your country!”
So I started campaigning on Facebook, managed to get my nomination forms signed – one afternoon in a pub I know – and came up with a few ideas for my personal manifesto. And that’s all I did. Except for a very brief, pre-recorded, interview which went out 2017_3461_Sobell_Leisure_Centre_London_8_Junon Jeremy Vine’s Radio 2 show.
I didn’t spend any time pounding the streets in loony gear handing out flyers and I didn’t talk to as many people as I could in as many pubs as I could visit, I didn’t do any of things  I’ve done when I’ve stood in previous elections.
I did find time to organise a Victory Party though. And by June 8th I’d even printed a 2017_3462_Sobell_Leisure_Centre_London_8_Junfew copies of my Manifesto. The response on Facebook was fantastic and my band The Big Faux Fibbers packed out The Liquor Works on Holloway Rd and we all had a great time. We even had the ‘Comedy Terrorist’ Aaron Barschak turn up in support.
We were expecting security to be tight at The Sobell Sports Center but it didn’t take long to get in. And then the long wait. We wandered around, chatted to everyone there.
2017_3486_Sobell_Leisure_Centre_London_8_JunNick the Brick had decided I needed some training and when we heard that J.C. was on his way he insisted that I stood by the entrance to greet him – which I did. As Jeremy walked into the hall he was surrounded by mass of photographers, a real media scrum!
Half an hour later the results were announced  and there I was on stage right 2017_3523_Sobell_Leisure_Centre_London_8_Junbehind Jeremy Corbyn as he was giving his winners speech.
I polled 106 votes and came 7th out of 10 which was thoroughly pleasing. And the response since then has been great. Loads of photos and TV of me behind Jeremy –
beamed all over the world via Facebook – see https://www.facebook.com/nigel.knapp.52, and I even have a photo with speech bubble in Private 2017_3508_Sobell_Leisure_Centre_London_8_JunEye!
Yes it was all very good – would I do it again? Well maybe – but certainly not in the next 6 months. Which is maybe looking likely ARGH!

Knigel Knapp – Knight of the unKnown. MRLP Minister for Blatant Lies and Big Fibs

The May-denhead Experience – Report from Howling Laud

Myself and 12 others stood along side each other to contest this seat, and one other, was none other, than Theresa May our current Prime Minister. I had spent a couple of days campaigning in the area whilst getting my nomination papers signed, thanks to Emma Theron ‘The Barmy Baroness of Berkshire’ and all her friends in Wargrave, a great help they were too. Its good to have party members on hand when you need them.
Being on the Daily Politics show with Andrew Neale gave us some good exposure, letting people know that we were taking part in this election.
Moved into Maidenhead on Sun 4th June to take up residence in the Thames Riviera Hotel until it was all over.
Maidenhead wasn’t the kind of town I thought it would be, at least not canvassing wise, a high profile Parliamentary Election like this, and only I and the Green Party were seen on the streets according to the locals.
2017_3551_Magnet_Leisure_Centre_Maidenhead_8_JunWednesday I had more support arrive, Lawd Lawson, and O B Joyful arrived, staying in same hotel. We very quickly decorated their big 4×4, and took to the streets much to the glee of people around town, with the Loud Hailer. To rounds of applause and shouts of “well done” we are voting for you. Well, 119 kept their word.
Thursday two more counting guests arrived Patric Downes  ghosting writing, my Autobiography (sounds spooky I know),’ and Derrill carr, as a link man between the Election and our local paper, plus a very proficient photographer and publicist. 2017_3552_Magnet_Leisure_Centre_Maidenhead_8_Jun‘The Bear’ Wetherspoon in the High Street was our party HQ, and did we need it, it rained every day. We left here at 12 midnight and made our way to the count. All the usual camera’s flashing as we made our entrance. A lot of the same adulation “glad you’re here, it wouldn’t be an election with the Loony’s”
Wandering around meeting all the usual faces and media guys and gals, good banter, good fun. And of course ‘Lord Buckethead, and I had a lot to say to each other. I suspect that he not the original L B, when I asked him if he was the same L B who stood against Margaret Thatcher and John Major, all I got 2017_3553_Magnet_Leisure_Centre_Maidenhead_8_Junwas “I am Lord Buckethead”, when my question needed a yes or no, but then again a typical politician I suppose, but I doubt that he is ! He caused quite a stir, but we handled each other pretty well. When we rule the ‘Looniverse’ he is the minister of Intergalactical Affairs.
The big moment arrives, in comes the ‘Lady in Red’ would you believe, yes Red, not Blue. Another big mistake she made, apart from calling a General Election and walking away with less seats than she had to start with. On watching this Mr Corbyn must have been laughing all the way to his bed time. She was rushed, no time for cameras or any other media. Reporters were shouting “Prime Minister, Prime Minister, are you going to resign”, which didn’t add too her esteem at all. Candidates 2017_3554_Magnet_Leisure_Centre_Maidenhead_8_Junwere called to the stage for the final countdown, this is when I can assure you that I was the only other candidate that she spoke to. I gave her one of our badges with her face on, with a balloon saying ‘Vote Loony’, she declined at first but I insisted, “take it, its for you” when she saw that it was only a badge she took it, smiled, showed her ‘minder’ and handed it back to me. Once again “no its yours” upon which she remarked, but I have no pockets ! ! ! Upon which I remarked “ok I’ll post it to you “. Her final words with a wry smile were “ok if you must”. After her speech she was whisked even quicker through the back door, once again leaving the Cameras, TVs, reporters all stranded.I did notice a tear in her eye, a very disconcerted woman.
Getting back to the results of the evening, as I said earlier, I got 119 votes, and thinking of the Daily Politics show when Andrew Neale said if “I got to many votes it would put my party leadership in jeopardy” I thought I’m ok here after watching some of our other amazing results come in, what a great accolade for our leader to come last. But it was not to be, Nigel Knapp who 2017_3555_Magnet_Leisure_Centre_Maidenhead_8_Junstood against Jeremy Corbyn in Islington North, beat me to the post with 106, 13 votes less than me. Well done Nigel, and well done to you all, what a great effort at such short notice. The Belle of the Ball title goes to Ann Kelly, the Mid Bed Minx she polled 667, the bottle of Champagne is hers, and in all fairness a pint of beer for Nigel, to be claimed at this years conference in Blackpool !   —   3,890 votes in all, once again, you all be proud of yourselves, as we are all proud of each other ! !

The Howling ‘Laud’

If you as a candidate have any stories to tell about your experiences with photo’s, send them in, its all very good for the history and the archives of our Illustrious Party.

This coming Friday 16th June, please spare a thought for our  dearly departed Spiritual Leader, ‘Screaming Lord Sutch’. It will be 18 years ago that he left us. I know its an annual ritual for some to visit him in Pinner Cemetary, if you go along I’m sure you will meet other like minded people.

Loony Party Results

What a great showing from our loony party candidates. A big thankyou for standing, and a big congratulations for the results . Almost without exception we have increased our vote in all areas, and the amount of votes are staggering. Below in order of most Votes is our 2017 table.

  • The Mid Bed Minx (Ann Kelly) – Mid Bedfordshire – 667 = 5/5


    • The Good Knight Sir Nosdar (Mark Beech) – Aldridge and Brownhills –565 = 4/4markbeech2
  • The Iconic Arty Pole – Louth and Horncastle – 496 = 5/5ArtyPole
  • Baron Von Thunderclap – Mid Sussex – 464 = 6/6baron
  • Mad Mike Young – Sittingbourne and Sheppey –403 = 6/7madmike2
  • Baron Badger – Walton and Esher – 318 =  6/7BaronBadger
  • Farmin Lord Dave 1st of Haughton – Denton and Reddish – 217 = 6/6 – Top-HatCol
  • George Ridgeon – Gloucester – 210  = 6/6georgerideon2
  • Chinners – Kingston and Surbiton –168 = 6/7chinners2
  • Sir Dudley the Crazed – Ceredigeon Wales – 157 = 7/7sirdudleycrazed
  • The Howling ‘Laud – Maidenhead –119  =9/13alanhope23
  • Nigel Knapp – Islington North – 106  =7/10nigelknapp1We would also like to thanks all our supporters and helpers, and finally A BIG THANKYOU TO EVERYONE WHO VOTED FOR US….You know it makes sense

Victory party in Islington

The Monster Raving Loony Party will be holding a Victory Party –
Before the count has even begun !
With The Big Faux Fibbers 
 at – The Liquor Works, 203 Holloway Rd. N7 8DL
Free entry –  Show starts about 9.30 + Irish music session from The Curfew
Come along and meet members of the Monster Raving Loony Party
You could join the party ! – and then maybe stand in the next election !
Hope to see u all there !  Cheers – Knigel Knapp, Knight of the unKnown.
VOTE FOR THE MONSTER RAVING LOONY PARTY – The only sane thing to do in a world gone mad !

New Music Station

As the party of music we draw your attention to Infinite Ear TV…Founded in June 2017, Infinite Ear TV is an independent video-based music, live performance and documentary channel bringing you the best content through high quality video and audio.  Showcasing the most exciting new talent in music with unprecedented insight and access into live music, performance and music production. Artists and performers tell their stories in the way we both think they should be told, through.

Their new channel is live! To celebrate the start of this new chapter and to kickstart the channel in a good way, they have are released a documentary , focusing on the totally unique The Official Monster Raving Loony Party and the legendary character of politics and Rock’n’Roll Screaming Lord Sutch.  With a  brand new website with lots of releases and more about this new channel below.

Full Documentary: https://youtu.be/R9d7AQyoTrQ

New Website: www.infiniteear.co..