Making Northenden Great Again

Lord Cameron, Johnny Disco and The Captain are
Making Northenden Great Again and Donald Trump promised to help.

Sunday 19th of November meet up at St Wilfred’s church Northenden at 10.30am.
The team are tidying the village up, picking up litter. Gloves, equipment will be provided. They will do a couple of hours and then everyone will be flown in Airforce One to the White House for tea, coffee and cakes. If the plane is delayed an alternative will be provided in the church rooms on Ford Lane, Northenden.

Happy Birthday.. Screaming Lord Sutch

A big, happy birthday to our spiritual leader, and founder:
Screaming Lord Sutch
(10 November 1940 – 16 June 1999)

Emissions Surcharge (also known as the ‘T-Charge’).

I think the Major of London is wonderful. He has brought in a new “T Charge” that will for £10.00 remove all toxicity from my car, whilst driving in London. Unfortunately once I go outside the London “T Charge” area my car will once again spew out toxic fumes..

and there’s more… If you have a car that’s toxic and your rich, on business or use a firm’s car , this expense can be claimed on your tax as a business expense. So in one stroke The major of London has deterred all those scumbag lowlife poor people who pay their own expenses and saved up to buy a (Government) recommended diesel or cheaper car, from entering the exclusive clean air of Central London. This will no doubt be rolled out across the country when other authorities realise they can add to their depleted coffers using this scam.

On a seerius point…. I think everyone applauds genuine efforts to clean up our air, but please don’t use dodgy air or too many vehicles to justify what is blatantly another tax on Vehicle Drivers.

Please note the opinions above are not necessarily loony party policy and should be taken with a pinch of salt (twice daily)

Raving Loony Party Conference 2017

Christopher Furlong Getty Images

Our 33rd Loony Party Conference was once again held in Blackpool, and as usual everything went swimmingly. I had been  there for 10 days just to iron out any mishaps, there was just one small glitch, but soon sorted. People started arriving on the Wednesday, very enthusiastically looking forward to the shenanigans that lay ahead. Thursday saw quite a few more arrive, we had a meet and greet in Molloy’s the venue for the conference this year. The landlord and staff didn’t know quite what to expect, but we soon won them over. All day Friday more and more arriving to the extent that we were wondering if the venue would be big enough, it was, we managed.

The evening started with a ‘Rip Roaring Rock’n’Roll’ spot from ‘Joe Stummer’ very ably backed by ‘The Electric Boogie Club’. Joe comes from Chicago, South Side he always adds. Then Ray Williams took over with his band and made the night his own, as always, excellent music, everybody dancing and being Loonily happy.

Christopher Furlong Getty Images

As you well know the Saturday doesn’t start til 12 noon, one of the highlights of the weekend is the open top bus tour. No we don’t ride Blackpool Donkeys, we ride open top Blackpool buses. All aboard the Skylark, no all aboard the Wetherspoon Express more like. We toured some of the finest ‘spoons’ in the country. The Thomas Drummond in Fleetwood, The Jolly Tars in Cleverlys. The Wetherspoon photographer caught up with us here, so look out for your picture in the Winter issue of their magazine. The Layton Rakes in Blackpool was next, all good fun and jolly good company. The B.U.M.S did their usual Morris Dance here and a special conference policy was made. Morris Dancing to become an Olympic sport. Because of the weather and road hold ups we didn’t make The Albert and Lion or the Velvet Coaster this year on the bus, although we did visit them on foot.

After this of course it’s the turn of our ‘World Famous Cabinet Reshuffle’ I counted 72 shufflers, all quietly shuffling in and out in their own way, except Northenden Bob from Manchester, he caused a great split in the cabinet, to which we made him lay in it, and then sat on the lid.

Christopher Furlong Getty Images

Next on the agenda is the Leaders Speech, all gathered in the conference room, the leader gave a tremendous speech much to the crowds approval with no hiccups, coughs or spluttering.

He told of things that had gone on during the year and congratulated very profusely all those that stood in the General Election. He also told the story of the party getting their deposit back for the very first time ever. When Johnny Disco arrived on Friday he was sacked on the spot, for it was he that had caused this heinous crime. He paid his deposit to stand in the By Election at Manchester Gorton which was in April, but when the snap general was called it was cancelled and incorporated into the General. So all candidates got their deposit back, only a technicality we know, but it was the first time ever. We made him grovel, we made him say sorry, and he was immediately allowed back in with a standing ovation. Everybody left with a smile on their face. “Prepare for Government in the year 2525, if man is still alive” was the battle cry.

Christopher Furlong Getty Images

A quiet hour or so then it all starts again, more people arriving, some we hadn’t seen for along time, lots of newer faces, lots of people out to have a good time. We started of with a local Indie/Metal/Punk style band ‘The Drop out Wives Club’ very good, unusual, but well appreciated, had quite a few followers with them who had dressed for the occasion. Followed by the ‘Stars’ Vince Ripper and the Rodent Show—Wow and Wow again, just what a Loony Party is all about, absolutely fantastic.

The evening was rounded off with our old friend and party member Mr Badaxe, in fact Badaxe Badaxe, so good we named him twice. He always finishes his act with a present for everyone, a tin of mushy peas.

Christopher Furlong Getty Images

Christopher Furlong Getty Images

So there we are all over again for another year, like to thank Sean and all the staff at Molloys and a special thankyou to the lovely Jo Jacklin. Tony Davies for his very professional bus driving, Simon and Rhona of The New Guilderoy Hotel. Vince Cornwall for all his help. The local Blackpool Gazette for their marvellous coverage, a whole page again, Dan their photographer. Eddie Gershon of Wetherspoon for showing a  keen interest.  Also we were very privileged to have ‘Getty Images’ the world famous photo agency come along and spend a couple of hours with us. Watch out, for these pictures can appear in all sorts of magazines. If any of you come across any, let us all know ! !

Go Forth and Stay Loony
Howling ‘Laud’ Hope
Party Leader.

2017 Conference

The 2017 Conference has just come to a close in Blackpool. This year it was held at Molloys in the town rather than Uncle Tom,s.

And a great time was had by all..The venue, slightly smaller than last year, was better suited to what we do. Although we had more people turn up than usual. Big thanks to all.

The Bands were once again brilliant, with surprise guest Joe Jammer doing an impromptu appearance.(Many Thanks Joe). The Boogie Woogie band on Fri playing a brilliant set, with Joe Jammer, Alan Hope and Chinners all doing some appearances.. A Big thankyou to all…..

Sat–the Bus Tour around Blackpool was well attended and the people of Blackpool reacted favourably, followed by our annual Cabinet Reshuffle….

Alan gave his usual stirring speech with appropriate praise for our election successes in 2017 (and there were many).

We headlined with The “amazing” Vince Ripper and the Rodent Show, and finishing off with Badaxe, who excelled himself (but he’s ok now) and got two ovations. (yes its true, and quite right too…)

Loads of people who don’t normally come to the Conference where there and Baron who was running the merchandise stall, has signed up many new members..(Big thanks to Baron for all his hard work.

Altogether a great success, and we look forward to next years conference….several places have already been mentioned.

pictures to come….

Note next years Conference dates are Thurs 27th Sept -Sat 29th Sept..Venue to be arranged but book those dates in your diary now


Loony’s to return for Blackpool political conference

>>The Blackpool Gazette 19th September 2017<<

Blackpool may be set to build a conference centre to entice political parties back, but one group, who enjoy a good party, are to make it three years on the trot in the resort.
With the Lib Dems this week in Bournemouth, Labour in Brighton and the Tories in Manchester in coming weeks, Blackpool is to welcome The Monster Raving Loony Party annual conference.
This year the “People’s Party” will convene at Molloy’s in Talbot Road from Thursday September 28 for the weekend. Party leader Howling ‘Laud’ Hope said after readingTthe Gazette’s story about the Winter Gardens’ conference centre and hope for conferences in the future he was delighted his party was ahead of the game.
He said: “It seems that everybody’s favourite party is leading the way again.
“The Official Monster Raving Loony Party’ is returning for the third year running to Blackpool. After two very successful years at ‘Uncle Toms Cabin’ we shall be at Molloy’s this year.
“Blackpool always gives us a warm welcome and we love coming there. In fact a lot of our members live that way.
“Thursday sees a general meet and greet for the early arrivals, some are making a week of it this year. On Friday the musical festivities get under way with the Electric Boogie Band.
Saturday sees us starting at noon on our open top bus tour of the promenade, stopping for refreshments on the way, followed by our annual Cabinet Reshuffle – in an upturned wardrobe!
“The evening will then be rounded up with horror Rock’n’Roll from Vince Ripper and his Rodent show.”

3 Weeks to the ‘Conference of the Insane’

All taking place in Blackpool once more, Thurs 28th Sept till Sun 1st Oct. Please note we are not at Uncle Toms Cabin this year, its been sold to the Ma Kelly chain. Jo, the wonderful landlady, is now at Malloy’s in Talbot Road in the middle of town and has invited us there. Just up the road from the North Pier. Its great to see people coming a bit earlier and making more of a weekend of it, as of last year.

Thursday is meet and greet for the early birds with whatever is going on in the venue. Friday night will be ‘The Electric Boogie Band’ Ray Williams ‘ Full Fat Boogie Band’ change of name, but twice as good, with guest artistes and other musical happenings. Saturday will definitely be ‘Vince Ripper and his Rodent Rat Show’ with another band also on the same bill called  ‘The Drop Out Wives’. Joe Jammer will be making a very special guest appearance, has played with Lord Sutch in the earlier years, has lots of stories to tell!

Mr Badaxe has threatened to be there as usual, he has new songs for us apparently, so bring ear muffs if you don’t want to be offended. Elvis will try his best to be there, he made it last year, in fact two of them.

The open top bus is also booked for our perambulation around Blackpools hostelries 12 noon on the Saturday, more about that when we meet. The ‘BUMS’ will be travelling up from Wales to join us for the duration, good fun and good company.

If your not booked in yet, accommodation is pretty reasonable in Blackpool. If you need any help call the ‘New Guilderoy Hotel’ ask for Simon Connelly, 01253351547 or e-mail – – if he cant fit you in, he will suggest other hotels nearby who we loony friendly.

I shall be there as from Thursday 21st Sept, to make sure all runs smoothly, anybody is quite welcome to join me if you want to make a week of it. Looking forward to another great weekend of hilarious fun and absolute stupidity, and don’t we love it. See you all there.
The Howling ‘Laud’


Northenden Boat Race

WEDDINGTODVD Northenden Boat Race August 2017 from weddingtodvd on Vimeo.