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President (elect) Trump

TrumpHand“The Official Monster Raving Loony Party would like to congratulate Donald Trump and his independent Republican party on their victory today in winning the USA presidential election.
As a result of this, we now issue notice of a retraction for our offer to give Mr Trump membership of our party due to the obvious conflict of interests that this result has caused. We cannot have party members who are actually capable of winning sutch an election”
“The Donald” trying to sort out his economic policy..counting down…10 9 8 7 6 + 5  is ….11?….

Conference Report

2015_7602_Blackpool_Conference_26_SepDidn’t we have a luvverly time when we went to Blackpool; we jumped on the bus, without any fuss, and the wheels went round. Fantastic

We arrived in Blackpool from all parts of the UK for the 31st ‘Official Monster Raving Loony Party’ Conference. From Jersey, Wales, Scotland, Lincolnshire, Derbyshire, Hampshire, Bedfordshire, Middlesex, Surrey, Cheshire, 2015_7612_Blackpool_Conference_26_SepLancashire, Yorkshire and many other places.

We all left Blackpool thinking did we really do that, a vague memory becomes a reality in the broad daylight, yes we did do that, and what a great time we all had. I personally had been there for 10 days arranging, organising and just making sure all went to plan, well it did!

2015_7616_Blackpool_Conference_26_SepThurs 24th Sept saw some early arrivals making a good weekend of it. Friday we started to arrive in droves, meeting and greeting all day was good fun, all with the usual ‘Cheeky Loony’ grin on our faces. We were all suitably entertained by ‘The Full Fat Boogie Band’ on the Friday night, one of Blackpools finest bands, and certainly lived up to their reputation, well done boys. Chinners and our Party Leader, each got up and did a spot with them, as per usual, it just has to be done.

2015_7618_Blackpool_Conference_26_SepSaturday, WOW, we went on an open top bus ride on a tour of the local Wetherspoons, not a pub crawl, more of a pub ball, we were dancing and singing along with the BUMS ‘Border Urban Morris Side’ from Wales. Blackpool took to us like we were returning hero’s and gave us a great roar of approval, the buzz was that there was more interest from the ordinary man on the street about this conference, than all other political conferences ever held in Blackpool. Thanks to the ‘Blackpool Gazette’ and the latest ‘Wetherspoon Magazine’, our coverage was phenomenal.

2015_7639_Blackpool_Conference_26_SepAfter about four hours we decided that it was time for our world famous ‘Cabinet Reshuffle’ so back we went to our Conference Venue, ‘Uncle Toms Cabin’ North Shore. Very pleased to report that there were no splits in the cabinet, and the doors didn’t fall off this year. The actual conference its self didn’t last too long, short and sweet and to the point. All that stood in the recent General and Local elections were congratulated, no new resolutions were passed, our membership continues to rise, our bank balance is quite healthy. Next May, we 2015_7661_Blackpool_Conference_26_Sepintend putting 25 candidates forward for the Welsh assembly, if this happens we will then be entitled to our very first ‘Party Political Broadcast’, it will be the only one that people will dash home to turn on, only on ‘Welsh Television’ mind you, but so what, another ‘Loony Milestone’.

And so on with the show!

Saturday Night an even bigger Wow, the evening started with ‘The Big Fibbers’ as usual, then ‘Vaults 109’ once again a local Blackpool band, very good they were too, followed by Mr Bad Axe himself, nice to see he had a new ‘G-string’ this year.

And then the stars of the whole weekend, ‘Vince Rippers Rodent Road Show’ WOW, we didn’t expect anything so professional and so amazing, it was an astounding experience, just to be in the same room as them. Absolutely astonishing!

I say stars, well on stage they were, but brightest stars of the whole shindig were Tony Davies our tour bus driver, he paid for the hire of the bus, Vince Cornwall for all the help he gave me, the wonderful Jo Jacklin of ‘Uncle Toms Cabin’ and her staff, not forgetting Simon and Rhona in the ‘New Guilderoy Hotel’ for putting up with us, and thoroughly enjoying themselves as well. All party members might I add!

2015_7662_Blackpool_Conference_26_SepBut, the greatest stars of all, are those that shine down on the ‘Loony Party’ yes, you, all those that came along, because without you this could not happen. I am more than pleased to announce that next year 2016, the 32nd conference is heading for ‘Dreamland’ in Margate in Kent, all being well, Although Skegness was mentioned, and our American branch in Tallahassee have invited us to go out there. Plus would you believe Blackpool want us back again. Kent is the favourite at the moment. Keep looking at -, it will keep you informed. In the meantime don’t stop being Loony, its what the world was made for, if we carry on this way, it wont be long before we reach our ultimate aim and rule the Looniverse!!!

Screaming Lord Sutch, he was there in our spiritual thoughts
Long live the Party
Howling ‘Laud’ Hope – Party Leader

>>Article in Blackpool Gazette<<


The Loony Party 2014 Conference will be held on the 26th, 27th & 28th of September and will be held at The Ridgebourne Inn, Wellington Rd, Llandrindod Wells, Powys LD1 5NH, tel 01597 822 144 . This is the first time in the history of the party that the conference will be held in Wales.

The Loony Party’s own Monster Mash, in a bottle, Co-alition ale endorsed by CAMRA will be on sale and also Loony Party Memberships and merchandise will be available. There will be music on the Friday and Saturday Night. Buster and the Gonads and The Big Fibbers are confirmed. Also BBBlackdog , Buster and the Gonads and The hurricanes. We also will have The Morris dance group The b.u.m.s will be attending and not forgetting the famous Cabinet reshuffle.  Nearest train station is Llandrindod wells with connections from Birmingham London and Cardiff. Hotels and B and B links

The Hampton Hotel
(01597) 822585
Temple Street,
Llandrindod Wells, LD1 5HF

Nick the Flying Brick’s nomination has been accepted for the Newark By-election which is being held on the 5th of June. He is highly regarded as a single issue politician, with his long-standing campaign for the abolition of gravity. He … Continue reading

26th May 14 | Comments Off on Nick the Flying Brick in the Newark By-election

Anniversary of the OMRLP

From the Guardian Newspaper archive, 18 February 1983: Mr Biscuit Barrel rolls into the Bermondsey fray.
The Official Monster Raving Loony Party contests its first seat, as Screaming Lord Sutch stands against Simon Hughes and Peter Tatchell in the Bermondsey byelection

Screaming Lord Sutch, June 1983 Screaming Lord Sutch in 1983, the year he stood for the Official Monster Raving Loony Party in Bermondsey.
Not until yesterday did slow-witted pressmen finally tumble the true identity of the man in the red-and-white striped jacket who is Screaming Lord Sutch’s election agent in the Bermondsey byelection.

He gave his name to the returning officer as Mr Desmond Lewis, of Norwich Street, Cambridge. In fact he is Mr Tarquin Fintimlinbinwhinbimlim Bus Stop F’tang F’tang Ole Biscuit Barrel, a veteran of the Crosby byelection some 15 months ago.

On that occasion, standing for the Cambridge University Raving Loony Society, he won 223 votes. Now he has teamed up with Lord Sutch to form the Official Monster Raving Loony Party and yesterday they announced plans to launch a National Independent Monster Party.

Mr Ole Biscuit Barrel was humiliated at Crosby when the returning officer refused to read out his middle names in the declaration, referring to him curtly as “Barrel, Tarquin.” Now he believes the time has come for independent joke candidates to come together to defend their rights.

The National Independent Monster Party will aim to field at least 50 candidates at the general election and claim television time for a party political broadcast.

Using a Cambridge University computer, they have tracked down candidates who fought recent elections for the Fancy Dress Party, the Sunshine Party, the Silly Party, the Hyppo Party, the Lorimer Brizbeep Science-Fiction Loony Party, the All Night Party and the Dog Lovers’ Party.

They have had positive responses so far from Mr Jake Jonothan Zebedee Manglewurzle of the Hyppo Party and Rupert the Hun, who has stood for the All Night Party in local elections.

Meanwhile, Bermondsey’s serious candidates were engaged in another battle of worlds yesterday, this time over an article in the newspaper Tribune pointing out that Mr John O’Grady, the “Real Bermondsey Labour” candidate, is still a member of the Labour Party. It calls on the party to take action against him before polling day.

Labour’s national agent, Mr David Hughes, said that the article was based on false information. “We have consistently pointed out that John O’Grady, by standing for election against an official Labour candidate, has rendered himself ineligible for membership of the party,” he said.

“The formal expulsion will take place once we have won this crucial byelection,” he added. Most political parties are dissolved during byelection campaigns, to avoid having to put running costs on election expenses returns, so at the moment, there is no Bermondsey Labour Party for Mr O’Grady to be expelled from.

• The Labour candidate, Peter Tatchell, has suffered a drop in support, according to an NOP survey in today’s Daily Mail. In January Mr Tatchell was given 47 percent of the vote, today he is now tipped to receive only 34. His nearest rival, with a predicted 28 percent of the vote, is the SDP/Liberal candidate, Mr Simon Hughes.

Simon Hughes won the Bermondsey byelection on 24 February with 57.7% of the vote, a 44% swing from Labour; Screaming Lord Sutch received 97 votes.

Current Loony Cabinet

Leader: Alan “Howling Laud” Hope

Deputy Leader: T.C. Owen (Bananaman)
Chair: The Jersey Flyer
Party & Membership Secretary: Baron Von Thunderclap
Treasurer: Nick ‘The Flying Brick’ Delves
Webmaster: R.U. Seerius
Merchandising: Chinners
Media & Publicity: Knigel Knapp

2011_0619_Laud_Hope_3_MarHowling Laud Hope
Party Chairman 1983 to 1999, Joint Party Leader 1999 to 2002, Party Leader 2002 –
Was made Party Chairman in 1983 by long standing friend and fellow musician Screaming Lord Sutch. Howling became joint leader with Cat-Mandu in 1999 after the death of Lord Sutch.  He became the sole party leader after Cat-Mandu died in a road accident.


2007_1628_Bananaman_29_SepTC Owen (Bananaman)

Deputy Party Chair 1999 to 1999, Party Chair 1999 to 2007, Deputy Party Leader 2007 –
Accepted the role of Deputy Party Chair at the 1999 party conference, T.C.Owen was promoted to chair after Lord Tiverton died, one week after his appointment. He has actively fulfilled that role until 2007 when he was appointed as Deputy Party Leader.


2007_1545_Jersey_Flyer_29_SepThe Jersey Flyer
2007 –
After the appointment of T.C. Owen (Bananaman) to Deputy Party Leader, The Jersey Flyer was appointed to fill the vacant position of Party Chairman.




2012_7034_Baron_Von_ThunderclapBaron Von Thunderclap
Membership 2007 -, Party Secretary 2013 –
Baron has successfully failed to win the Mid Sussex seat at four general elections.
His day job is running a Dodo sanctuary. Hobbies include  driving and restoring classic cars, riding Wankel rotary engined Norton motorcycles, and trying to rid the world of real ale. . . by drinking it all!



2017_0332_The_Incredible_Flying_Brick_28_JanThe Incredible Flying Brick
Treasurer 2007 –
Member since 1994, has stood in five Parliamentary General elections four By-elections and once for the Welsh Assembly. He is a single issue politician and keenly represents the Loony Party as the Shadow Minister for the Abolition of Gravity.



2007_1630_RU_Seerius_29_SepRU Seerius
Webmaster 2007 –
Long time Party member, has stood in three General Elections and one By-Election as the Shadow Minister for Non-Committed Manifesto Commitments.





Merchandising 2007 –
Party member since mid 1980’s who lurked in the background until quitting his Govenment Pay Centre role in 2000.
Has kept 1 election pledge for almost 15 years now by putting on a free live band once a week in the local loony HQ and is the party’s current Spacehopper champion.



Knigel_KnappKnigel Knapp
Media & Publicity 2007-
Knigel has a degree in media studies – well he watched a lot of Blue Peter when he was a kid. And he is an active self publicist (check out!) See what we mean? But please don’t believe anything he says or anything you hear about this man because Knigel is the Loony Party Minister for Blatant Lies and Big Fibs.





E.U Proposals

The options on the Referendum ballot on our membership of the EU to
a) In
b) Out
c) Shake it all about

Past Loony Officials

sutch2Screaming Lord Sutch
1961 to 1999 – Leader
1999 to Date – Spiritual Leader
After forming the ‘Sod em All Party’ in 1961, Screaming Lord Sutch renamed it the ‘National Teenage Party’ in 1963, the ‘Go To Blazes Party’ in 1970 and finally the ‘Official Monster Raving Loony Party’ in 1983. He lead the party for 38 years and is still the spiritual leader following his death in 1999.

Joint Party Leader 1999 to 2002, Spiritual Member 2002 to Date
Voted joint party leader in 1999, along with his owner Alan ‘Howling Laud’ Hope, Cat-Mandu helped run the party until his unexpected demise in 2002 after a road accident.

boney1Boney Maroney
Deputy Party Leader, Party Secretary, Membership Secretary and Treasurer 1999 to 2007
Boney Maroney  was voted Deputy Party Leader in 1999. She added the role of Party Secretary, Membership Secretary and Treasurer, with responsibilities to the Electoral Commission, to her workload in 2001 when the Mad Cow-Girl left to tour the USA. Between 2001 and 2007, when she resigned, she performed all roles and kept the party on a very even keel.

tiverton1Lord Tiverton
Party Chair 1999 to 1999 1999 to Date Spiritual Member
Derek Howell (Lord of Tiverton), who was a veteran loony campaigner at General & Euro elections, accepted the appointment of party chairman from his hospital bed in his home town of Hastings. Unfortunately ‘Tivers’ never recovered from his illness and died one week later.

Party Secretary 1995 to 1999.
Taking on the day to day running of the membership and treasury for the party in the mid 90s, Dangermouse worked tirelessly to keep members informed of loony events, elections and conference notices. He eventually passed this role on to the Mad Cow-Girl in 1999 after the death of Screaming Lord Sutch.

madcowMad Cow Girl
Party Secretary, Membership Secretary & Treasurer and Webmistress 1999-2001, Archivist 2008 to 2010.
The Mad Cow-Girl was Party Secretary, Membership Secretary & Treasurer and Webmistress from 1999 to 2001. She resigned from all these posts and went to America. Some time after she returned she wrote the ‘Loony Archive’ which was launched in 2005 and became the official archivist in 2008.  Sadly Mad Cow-Girl passed away July 2010.

stewart1The Flying Pasty
Webmaster 2003 to 2007
The Flying Pasty took over the role of official party webmaster in 2003 after Mad cow resigned. He resigned, with Boney Maroney, in May 2007.

Get Involved

There are a number of ways you can help The Official Monster Raving Loony Party hold the Government to account, and increase our support in local and national elections.

Join the Party
By being a member, you are playing your part in helping secure a future Loony Party Government. With your membership you get some loony badges, a Loony Rosette, a Certificate of Insanity, and our thanks. You can Join Online by Clicking here and dont forget to renew your membership and send details of change of address etc,

Make a donation to the Party, and be invited to a the odd events with senior figures from the Party. There are rules regarding donations due to shenanigans by politicians in the past. To find out more about donating Click here.

Contribute to Manifesto Proposals
If you have a manifesto proposal let us know and we’ll include it for consideration in our next manifesto. We accept proposals from anyone (you dont have to be a member) unlike the other parties

Get involved in with you local members and candidates. By delivering leaflets, finding out the concerns of local residents, and supporting your candidate at elections, you could make a real difference to The Official Monster Raving Loony Party chances in your area.

Register to Vote
You need to be on the electoral register to have your say in elections. If you’re not registered to vote, you can register to vote at any time. The register is updated every month by your local council. Remember you can use your vote in all elections, parish. local council, and General elections. Always make the effort to vote.

Vote by Post
Register for a postal vote to avoid missing out on your chance to vote  Official Monster Raving Loony Party. You no longer need a special reason to apply for a postal vote.

Shop Online
Browse our Online shop – T shirts and Badges are now available and all proceeds go to the party funds. Other stuff coming soon

Stand for Election
Become a council candidate in the next set of local government elections in your neighbourhood. Find out more about being a councillor.

Spread the Word by Email
Send a friend an email encouraging them to visit and join the party

Wot a GREAT conference

The 27th Official Monster Raving Loony Party Conference took place this weekend at The Links Hotel in Fleet, and a massive THANKYOU to Ginny and the staff who made us all welcome.

Loony’s came from far and wide to attend and debate the topical issues of the day, such as “whose round is it”

A Photo call from the local press was followed by the annual cabinet reshuffle took place (A large cupboard is laid down and all members get in it and shuffle) with several members having trouble staying in as the cabinet was rather small this year.

Then down to business.

Howlin “Laud” hope started of proceedings with a big thank you to all 27 candidates who stood and one or two comments on the most successful election campaign to date.

The new membership secretary made a stirring speech reading the minutes which will be posted here later, and a general discussion took place regarding various aspects of the year.

It was agreed that the profits made from T Shirt sales will go to a charity to be decided.

It was proposed and agreed that Alan Howlin Laud Hope consider standing for Mayor of London in 2012.

Thanks to the Loony Party think tank for working out why the present Government are very slow when making decisions. Apparently they are only running on 2 CC’s (Cameroon and Clegg) it was 3CC’s but we are told they have a dodgy Cable.

Due to the CONLIB pact bringing out a law to be able to stay in power for the full Five years the conference meeting ended with the rallying cry. “Loony’s..Prepare for Anonymity, after which we all retired for liquid refreshments.

Later in the Evening we were entertained by the Amazing Big Fibbers who were brilliant performing old favourites such as “Armadillo’s are taking over Texas” and “Who put Pepper in the Vasaline” after which Dale Fontaine and his Elvis show playing Elvis and other favourite songs,

On Saturday more Loony’s arrived for the entertainment that included another set by Big Fibbers and The Brilliant band “What’s Next”, always great entertainment.

With a Surprise Appearance of the Mega Star “Adam Ant”

It has to be said that Adam was …5 star… He is as good as ever, and we would like to thank him for attending. We hear that he has an album coming out soon, watch out for it.

Out of all the conference around at the moment this has to be the best, we get great bands and superstars, the labour party only get the Milliband.

A great time was had by all and we are all getting ready to attend the next Loony Party event which we think may be “The Mad Hatters Tea Party” at a place to be arranged