George Ridgeon MRLP for Gloucester

2017_2631_George_Ridgeon_May_2017I am standing, or sitting! for the Monster Raving Loony Party in memory of three friends, Screaming Lord Sutch, Geoff Fivash & Dancing Ken Hanks, Minister of happiness and a Cheltenham candidate for many years.  I am attending 2 hustings, one in Gloucester Cathedral, the other in Brunswick church Gloucester, so I can challenge the loony ideas of the other candidates! If you wish to join in, help, or sponsor, my number is 01452 857 160
George Ridgeon

General Election Candidates

The Loony Party is preparing for Government – these are our candidates!

  • 2017_2141_News_and_MailThe Howling ‘Laud – Maidenhead
  • Nigel Knapp – Islington North
  • Chinners – Kingston and Surbiton
  • Baron Badger – Walton and Esher
  • The Iconic Arty Pole – Louth and Horncastle
  • The Good Knight Sir Nosdar – Aldridge and Brownhills
  • Baron Von Thunderclap – Mid Sussex
  • Mad Mike Young – Sittingbourne and Sheppey
  • The Mid Bed Minx – Mid Bedforshire
  • George Ridgeon – Gloucester
  • Sir Dudley the Crazed – Ceredigeon Wales
  • Farmin Lord Dave 1st of Haughton – Denton and Reddish

Howling Laud

The Mid Bed Minx

2017_2551_The_Comet_11_MayOur Mid Bed Minx is campaigning for Mid Bedfordshire and has had a great piece written about her in ‘The Comet’
The Incredible Flying Brick

more nicking Policies

Is there no end to this plagerism?…
Labour’s leaked manfesto includes reducing the voting age to 16… One of our policies from the past, 1983 I think… Not so Loony now are we?

Nicking our policies

Nicking our policies…
It seems to be a trend at the moment for other parties to nick other parties policies.. The Tories have nicked Labours Energy cap policy,but wait, Ukip have just nicked our Immigration policy, of one in and one out (our 2010 manicfesto) and Labour have nicked our policy of getting the energy companies to charge normal or lower prices to people who pay their bill on an electric card bought from their local shop (our 2005 manicfesto).
What ever happened to copyright laws…

Theresa May stands against Howling Laud


Some Brexit Policies

  • Health – Germany to pay for all treatment of German Measles, and Spain ditto for Spanish Flu.
  • France must give us back Brittany.
  • All Europeans to pay to use the English Channel, and all Creme Anglais to be made in Britain.
    Big Norman

Educational Funding

The Loony Party proposes that all Schools would have a Jumble sale or fete or other fundraising event at least twice per month to help raise funds for those little extras. . . such as Desks, Books, paper, pens , etc
R.U. Seerius