Dancing Ken

2017_1451_Dancing_KenIt is with great sadness that I have to report the news that Dancing Ken has passed away. Ken stood for the Loony Party in Cheltenham on more than a couple of occasions. Attended conferences in Yateley, Hampshire and a big friend of Sir George Ridgeon. Ken was a hero in his own local area, raising thousands of pounds for charity. He also loved American Country Music, (country and western), he ran a very successful C&W club in Cheltenham. He passed away on 1st April, if your gonna go, you couldn’t pick a better day to do it Ken. All fools day! So long my friend from all in the Party, you can out dance them all now, in that Ballroom in the Sky!

Westminster Attack

We would like to express our condolences to all the families, friends and relatives of any person caught up in the terrible events of last Wednesday.

25th Feb 1967 Agincourt Ballroom, Camberley, Surrey

2017_0951_Chuck-Berry-on-StageHowling Laud’s band supported Chuck Berry at the Agincourt Ballroom, Camberley, Surrey on the 25th Feb 1967.
This was arranged through their mutual agent Bob Potter.
Howling says:
“I was in a band called ‘Kerry Rapid and The Soultones’. We did a lot of his numbers in our set, so I asked him what his set list would be, so that we didn’t do anything that he would be doing. 2017_0952_Kerry_RapidHe said “you just go along and play whatever you like, I love to hear other peoples versions of my songs”. A memory that myself and my brother John will never forget. John got to talk to him for a good half hour in the dressing room.”
Hail! hail! rock’n’roll, he delivered in days of old.
Howling Laud Hope aka Kerry Rapid

Party Update!

2017_0821_Wetherspoons_Spring_MagazineNow that all the Hoohaing and Fussing and Fighting is over, all the boxes counted, winners and losers declared, in the Stoke and Copeland By-elections, there is just one more thing that I would like to add.
My sincere apologies to the good people of Copeland, some of you have contacted me and said “where were you” it was a well known fact that the Loony Party would be fielding a candidate, and we were ready to vote for you and join in.
The fact of the matter is, it was me, our Party Leader, The Howling ‘Laud’ who was going to be the candidate, but whilst away in Malta visiting our Mediterranean Loonies in January, I was taken ill with a very bad chest infection and was hospitalised for 9 days, this was the time when the nomination papers had to be in. So not knowing what the next 3 or 4 weeks would hold I pulled out. Pity really because all worked out fine in the end, could have done it, but to late to put papers in, nomination day had long passed. That’s how I was able to be in Stoke supporting ‘The Incredible Flying Brick’.
Bit of a sad note, the passing of William ‘Bill’ Healey, loved coming down to Ashburton when we operated from there, and also so came to Yateley in the later years.
Also the passing of Andy Potter of Radio Derby, he was very fond of us when we were in the area.
Plus the passing of Sir Gerald Kaufman, a fine fellow, Father of the House. Unfortunately there will be another By-election sooner than we think in the Manchester, Gorton constituency. I’ve no doubt at all, that we shall be there, one way or another.
Now on a much brighter note, the 2017 Conference, yes we are back in Blackpool, much to the delight of more than just a few of you. Same venue, ‘Uncle Toms Cabin’ same procedure as before, the weekend of Thurs 28 Fri 29 Sat 30th September. Acts and artistes already lining up to perform, Loony Tour bus confirmed. More info to appear nearer the date.

Last but not least, if any of you are considering standing for us in your local elections in May, you must get a letter of authorisation signed by myself, to be able to do so. Party Office :- 59 Newbarn Close, Fleet, Hants. GU51 5HU / Telephone: 07946292557

The Illustrious Howling ‘Laud’ Hope
Loony Party Leader.

Stoke By-election Night

2017_0603_The_Terrace_ST44NB_23_Feb 2017_0621_Fenton_Manor_Sports_Complex_23_Feb 2017_0634_Fenton_Manor_Sports_Complex_23_Feb 2017_0641_Fenton_Manor_Sports_Complex_23_Feb 2017_0643_Fenton_Manor_Sports_Complex_23_Feb 2017_0646_Fenton_Manor_Sports_Complex_23_Feb 2017_0649_Fenton_Manor_Sports_Complex_23_Feb 2017_0654_Fenton_Manor_Sports_Complex_23_FebBy-elections are wonderful crazy things and always great fun to be a part of. Stoke-on-Trent was my tenth attempt on Parliament, and fourth by-election. I feel I’m really getting into the swing of things now and am starting to feel quite confident in my political message, what-ever that is!
My interview with Emma Thomas outside BBC Radio Stoke was aired on Sunday Politics with my policy of putting Piranha’s in the River Trent turning out to be very popular with the electorate.
It was great, as ever,  to have our glorious party leader entrenched in Stoke and working his magic on the ‘Stokies’, newspapers, and other parties for the five days before the election.  He is always ‘on message’ and was enthusiastically holding training workshops on how to generate a better quality of FAKE NEWS.
A magnificent troupe of Loonies met at ‘The Terrace’, City Road, Fenton. Howling Laud and Flying Brick were joined by RU Seerius, Helen ‘Bak, Leutenant Jâger Schnitzel, Karen, Sir Tax-A-Lot, & Lady Table Manners. The Inflatable Johnny Disco and the Indestructible Captain Chaplington-Smythe also lent support and guidance at the pub before returning to Manchester.
The count was a big event and had a great atmosphere, Paul Nuttall made a bee-line for our party leader and gave him a big hug, I believe this was in anticipation of a Loony victory. We mingled seamlessly with the other parties and candidates including Barbara Fielding, who has the aura of a lovely sweet lady, the antithesis of her message in fact. It was a pleasure to meet the Liberal candidate Dr Zulfiqar Ali, a real gentleman and far too intelligent to be involved in politics.
There was an exciting scrum at the end of the night when the election was declared. In a strange break with tradition the candidates weren’t invited to join the returning officer on stage. Instead we were swallowed up in a frenzied media circus around Paul Nuttall and the winner Gareth Snell who gave me a man-hug in the excitement! He then fought his way through teaming tangle of reporters to give a some-what drowned out speech.
I once again came seventh, in a field of ten and came ahead of the BNP.
The Incredible Flying Brick

What good fun the ‘Stoke on Trent’ By-election was, our candidate ‘The Incredible Flying Brick’ put on a marvellous show. I was there in support for five days, staying at the ‘Crown Hotel’ in Longton, where the staff made us more than welcome.
I was out campaigning as usual, in the usual way, making friends and spreading the word. Myself and ‘The Brick’ met up for a TV interview, which will be shown on a ‘Brexit’ show later on in the year, June time I believe. We also met up for a tour of the local pottery towns, we had fun, but alas the weather was against any serious shennanigans, although we were made very welcome at the Ukip HQ, and met up with other candidates who treated us with the greatest of respect. They had to, in case we beat them, and we did, three of them at least. Many thanks to the party members who turned for the count, if you’ve never been to one, you’ll never know what your missing.
Here’s looking forward to the next one!
There will be two or three later on in the year when MPs put themselves up for the Mayors job, lets hope some of them win, only then will it cause a by-election. Where ever, we shall be there, so watch out for us in your area, you never know!!
The Illustrious ‘Howling Laud’.

The Incredible Flying Brick will save Stoke

2017_The_Incredible_Flying_Brick_28_JanThe Incredible Flying Brick is standing in the Stoke-on-Trent Central by-election.
These are his policies:

  • Abolish Gravity with immediate effect.
  • Make fishing a spectator sport by introducing piranha to the Trent.
  • Develop Stoke-on-Trent Civic Centre  into an intergalactic space port. with Trent Vale and Hanley being respectively arrival and departure lounges. This will massively increase tourism.
  • I will promote Pottermus Hippo to leader of Stoke City Council.
  • Have a good breakfast of oatcakes and a delicious lunch of lobby.
  • Royal Stoke hospital needs more specialist departments. The Loonys would add good old-fashioned medical wards including: Mercury potions, Electrolysis, Leeching and Lobotomy. The Loony’s will balance the humors.
  • If the Liberal candidate fails to be elected we will still send him to the House of Commons to perform exploraTory thoracotomies, this will reveal whether any governing MP’s have a heart.
  • I will ensure that all European trains will be fuelled by Gravy.
  • We will encourage international free trade with America by knighting the President during his state visit, with the ‘Order of the Coiffure’ and he will be known as Sir Comb-Over.

Fake News Warning
Beware of all other politicians they are faking their fake-news. I am the only true fakir of fake news, almost but not quite, a facetious factory of fakiry.

Have a radical re-think, and be strong like Pottermus the Hippo. Have a good breakfast of oatcakes and a delicious lunch of lobby. Vote Loony for an incredible sense of well-being. Go completely potty at the polling station and put your X on the ballot paper for The Official Monster Raving Loony Party. Vote for insanity, vote for The Incredible Flying Brick, VOTE LOOOONY! . . . You know it makes sense.

The Incredible Flying Brick

Become and M.P until you get a better job

It seems to us that if someone is elected as an M.P they should (with the exception of illness or death) remain in their post until the next general election.
The costs to the local ratepayers and taxpayers of running an election runs into thousands of pounds, and is a waste of money, which could be better used on local facilities, health etc..
Just this year 2 M.P’s have resigned their posts in search of a 
better job.
Labour M.P Jamie Reed announced last month he was standing down as MP for Copeland to take up a post at the Sellafield nuclear plant, and now Labour MP Tristram Hunt is quitting as an MP to become the director of London‘s Victoria and Albert Museum, triggering a by-election.
No doubt all M.P’s state when they win that they are committed to working as an M.P for all the people in thier constituency, but they don’t mention….just until I get a better Job

2016 – That was the year that was, its over let it go.

2016_0705_The_Senedd_13_FebA great year for us Loonies. First the ‘Welsh Assembly Elections’ which resulted in a major first, our very first ever Party Political Broadcast. Although I was not around for the filming, well done to all those that were, you were all great. I was there for the Election itself though, we stood in all five seats and didn’t come last anywhere. In fact overall – 5,743 Welsh voters wanted us to represent them in Parliament.
2016_3024_Soho_Theatre_28_MayMay was an interesting month, a gang of us Loonies converged on The Soho Theatre in Dean St, London. With the compliments of James Graham (writer) and Jenny Topper (producer) for the premier of the London opening of ‘Monster Raving Loony’ a very good, sad, and exciting play of ‘Lord David Sutch’. The audience included many people who remembered him, and all spoke well of their memories and recollections of our Spiritual Leader.
2016_3632_Wandsworth_Town_Hall_16_JunJune saw us fighting the Tooting by-election, where we came 7th from 14 candidates, actually finishing in the top half.
July, I was invited down to Ashburton to stay at ‘The Golden Lion’ with the compliments of the new owners, although not a hotel anymore. They were very interested in the history of the Party, and its humble beginnings here on June 16th 1982. In fact I do believe we may have a candidate for this area, come another general election!

2016conferencephotoSeptember, yet another great conference in Blackpool,  Good Fun, Games, and Jollification was had by all.




2016_8102_The_Company_of_Weavers_20_OctOctober saw us at the By-election in Witney Oxfordshire, our candidate,‘The Mad Hatter’ did us proud, once again, not coming last. Whilst there I was involved in a documentary about the history of ‘Great British Party Leaders’. I was very honoured on our behalf, to be asked to be involved.


2016_9032_RuTC_Sports_Hall_Richmond_1_DecThen a sudden rush, December you expect to be quiet, but no such luck, two By-elections in a row. Firstly Dec 1st  in Richmond Park London, I was the candidate, we came 4th from 8 candidates. Twice in the same year being placed in the top half of the poll, a feat that has not gone unnoticed by the Political Pundits!!!
2016_9131_North_Kesteven_Sports_Centre_8_DecThen 8th December in Sleaford Lincolnshire, ‘The Iconic Arty Pole’ obtained 200 votes and also escaped coming last, another great result.

Not all over yet, on the 15th Dec I was invited along to The Lakeside Club, Frimley Green to take part in another TV documentary about the Life and times of Screaming Lord Sutch and the Loony Party. Along with Bob Potter, Wild Bob Burgos and many others involved along the way.

I trust that you all had a very Merry Christmas and wish you all a very very Happy New Year. Its looking good already, our spies in the skies inform us that there is likely, or could be, 7/8  By-elections this year.
I have not heard from anyone about a Conference venue for 2017, so have put Blackpool on Red Alert. If any ideas are in the grapevine, hold on to them for discussion.

2017 Greetings From
Howling ‘Laud’ Hope
Party Leader.