Conference Report, by Lady Lily the Pink

The 39th Loony Party Conference, hosted at Brecknockshire Loony HQ, The Neuadd Arms Hotel in Llanwrtyd Wells, ran in parallel to the Conservative Conference, but I don’t think I can overstate both how much more fun and how much less divisive our conference of Official Loonies was!
The conference began, unofficially with the arrival of our leader, Howlin’ Laud Hope, in typical fashion, a week early, reportedly to set the scene and ensure all arrangements were in place. Everyone else began arriving the following Friday and the Official Loonies were welcomed into the Llanwrtyd community of unofficial loonies with warmth and bemusement. The Friday saw busking in the town square and a pub crawl to sample the full spectrum of delights on offer throughout the town.
The evening consisted of some magnificent entertainment from The Faux Fibbers and the incredible and home grown, Becca O’Hara Band. The place was rocking, everyone walked 500 miles, long after the Proclaimers had left the building. Needless to say, copious amounts of beverages were consumed to ensure the economic viability of the local independent public houses and no favouritism from our political membership!
Saturday, we regrouped sometime around 1pm for the official pub crawl with a view to helping stabilize the local economy. Member of The Black Pig Border Morris Side entertained us inside and outside the Stonecroft Inn before we headed to The Belle Vue where we held a poignant cabinet reshuffle alongside a tribute to the late and great Barmy Lord Brockman, with a magnificent rendition of Eye of The Tiger on the kazoo played at a multitude of speeds and started at nonspecific intervals of time by the entire contingent of members. It was an eye watering moment, and Brockers would have been proud.
Heading to the Neuadd, everyone was on tenterhooks following rumours of a book launch, by our very own Lily the Pink. Alan (Howlin’ Laud) Hope also mentioned he too had written a book, and it was now sold out. He displayed the final copy, which in hindsight, should have been put to auction as a rarity. It is now SOLD OUT pending a new edition.
Howling gave a rousing speech to great applause, and much cheering at the years’ success stories and left members very positive about the forthcoming 2024 General Election (date TBC).
The evening’s Party party, was attended by many Llanwrtyd locals and there was a full program of fabulous entertainment, beginning again with The Faux Fibbers, followed by Gripper and the Gurnards, with a surprise guest appearance from our very own Chinners. Lux Delioux, performed burlesque, which was magnificent, and the evening then continued to get crazier with musical entertainment from Sir Dangerous Dave and friends, who were so emotionally exhausted at the end it took four people to carry him to bed!
All in all, the conference was a great success, well attended and thoroughly enjoyed by all. The landlords of the three hostelries, were left with much depleted stock, always a good sign, and the Party managed to execute their entre conference without creating a single negative headline through a single ill advised manicfesto u-turn or divisive comment, leaving them the most inclusive and welcoming political party of all!
Many of these wonderful photos were taken by Svitlana Frovlova
Lady Lily the Pink