#LoonyLotto’s Final Lockdown for New Teenager Ministers.

Our Twitter lockdown fun & games came to a final hurrah on Saturday 20th June as the Government relaxed the locks from the barn door that let the horses bolt 3 months earlier. Over 500 people participated in the daily plethora of fun and games with over 100 badges and OFFICIAL Loony prizes being given out. As part of the fun, 6 new Loony Ministers were OFFICIALLY approved for their duties once we form the next Government.

Lord Matthew Wright – Minister of Wrights, Wrongs & Lefts
Rev Doctor Jackson – Minister of Love, Peace & Bananas
Dear Lord Tim Lovejoy – Minister of Schoolboy Errors
Lord Ray Dorset – Minister of Blue Skies & the Summertime
Radio Alty’s Pete & Tom – Ministers of Donut Radio’s Inside Pastries (DRIPs)

We thank all the special guests that took part, especially the special #LoonyQT panel & our new Minister’s who took the time to judge some of the competitions and interact with many of our followers during the games. A final big thank you goes to the TISWAS Online team for their weekly contribution to the games along with some fantastic interviews & clips every Saturday morning whilst raising money for Birmingham Children’s Hospital.

We salute you all! #StayAlert #StayLoony