Alliance of Insanity

Lord Buckethead is representing the Official Monster Raving Loony Party in the 2019 General Election, he will be standing against the current PM Boris Johnson in Uxbridge & South Ruislip.
The Lord Buckethead is the arch villain in the Gremloids Hyperspace films and reincarnations have stood against Prime Ministers in three previous General Elections. Margaret Thatcher at Finchley in 1987, John Major at Huntingdon in 1992 and Theresa May at Maidenhead in 2017. Lord Buckethead also stood against Loony Leaders, David Sutch in 1987 and Alan Hope in 2017.
Lord Buckethead has joined the Loony Party, in this historic year, when it celebrates its tenth consecutive General Election and its leader “Howling Laud” Hope became the longest serving political party leader in Great Britain for over 100 years. Lord Buckethead said ominously “The Loonys are a natural fit for me as we are in a Coalition of Chaos and the Loony Party seem to be talking the most sense.”