Louth and Horncastle

I have lived in Gt. Carlton for nearly 25 years and a local councillor for the last ten. This will be my 4th general election. I have been a design draughtsman, estimator, salesman and marketing manager in the manufacturing and engineering industries. I have written for various publications, and catalogued for auction houses and worked as a film extra.
We need to reverse the privatisation of health, care, police, ambulance, fire and prison services. The same goes for the railway system and water companies. I have been involved with the ‘Fighting for Louth Hospital’ and been against the nuke dump from square one. My support for renewable energy stays the same. I want to see tide and wave generators installed around the bases of all offshore windmills. Education; concentrate on reading and numeracy.
UK manufacturing needs massive support to reduce imports, we should incentivise the training of staff. Farmers should have fair prices at the farm gate. We need high speed fibre for broadband as 5G’s long term side effects are still unknown.
The Iconic Arty Pole