A.Gent Chinners & TISWAS Bunny on Lord James Whale Show

The process of our annual New Years Honours in late December each year, usually begins in July, with a shortlist of 8-10 people who we deem to be either worthy or overlooked by the other facility that dispenses gongs & titles. These are whittled down to a final 3 that will be ordained as Lord’s or Lady’s with their own Ministry to run, once we form the next Government of the Loonyverse. A mere couple of hours after announcing Lord Brian May, others promptly followed suit by making him a Knight of the Realm, so once again, the Loony Party are ahead of the curve! Not wanting a repeat of this blatant copy-cat skullduggery, the process for our 2024 honours began 6 months early on 2nd Jan. Fortunately, TalkTV had contacted Loony HindQuarters, requesting a party spokesperson to appear on their James Whale Show on Sat 7th Jan, so the decision was made and A.Gent Chinners was despatched to London Bridge with TISWAS Bunny duly advised to find a Zoom spot in his remote warren that actually worked.

Sadly Lord Whale was feeling a tad under the weather on the day, but the show must go on with Ash, Lizzie Cundy & Chuck Thomas filling his void with aplomb. Chinners & Bunny were given a seriously hard grilling for nearly 45 minutes on the various issues of the day, with both giving straight, honest & comprehendable responses to each question thrown at them, thus confirming that neither of them presently have the require skills to become an MP in the foreseeable future.

Lord James Whale duly returned to the studio the following week and was finally presented with his certificate as our OFFICIAL ‘Minister of Saving Whales in Wales’.
A.Gent Chinners would like to thank all the panel, crew and security staff at TalkTV for their hospitality, with a special mention to Mark Runner who looked after him so admirably all evening!
The full show can be seen on TalkTV catchup https://watch.talk.tv/watch/replay/51597206
A. Gent Chinners