Stop Press News

Sir Archibald Stanton

As of yesterday, Tuesday 5th April 2022 all nominations for local council elections are in and announced. I am pleased to announce that ‘The Official Monster Raving Loony Party’ are contesting 11 seats.
Our Party Leader, Howling ‘Laud’ Hope is returned unapposed to ‘Fleet Town Council’ in Hampshire where he lives . He is also standing in the ‘Hart District Council’ which is the area that covers Fleet.
Sir Archibald Stanton is standing in ‘Dewsbury East’.
Trevor Halfperson, in doing Blackheath Westcombe Ward, London.
Charlie Read, Lord Charles is up for Fareham Hillhead, Hampshire.
Colonel Cramps and Lady Dave are doing Hook and Chessington.
A Gent Chinners, Captain Coley, Joe Lucky Gov, and Director of Undertaking Brunskill, all in Chessington South.
Now some great news, The Howling ‘Laud’ even at this early stage, is even more pleased to announce that he has been returned unapposed to the Fleet Town Council. So hypothetically, just 10 seats up for grabs on Thursday May 5th.
Best of Luck and Loonyism to you all.
Howling ‘Laud’ Hope – Party Leader.