Our Party’s Birth is in the Loony Stars!

As the only OFFICIAL political party, we like to explore all trains of thought and opinion as the only truly loony inclusive party of the population. We thank HannahB for her sterling work in unravelling the Loony Party Birth Chart.
Here is our Natal Astrology Chart appearing from a Crystal Top Hat…

Sun and Mercury in Gemini and in the 9th house. The urge for self expression is strong. The party likes to collect information as well as share it. They are curious and like to have their fingers in a lot of different pies (so to speak). They are witty and enjoy intellectual conversations. They can get bored very easily but adapt quickly, to new and changing situations. Loony’s are able to make friends easily, and with people from all walks of life. They are very objective and observant and find it easy to detach themself from people and situations. There is a nervous and restless energy about them to move quickly and enjoy keeping busy. Geminis enjoy the “lighter” side of life. With having their Sun in the 9th house they have a need to understand the world around them. Loony’s have a thirst to learn but also like to share their knowledge. They enjoy different cultures and foreign lands.

Mars in 1st house and conjunct Libra Ascendant. Loony’s are very active, energetic, enterprising, independent and dynamic. Due to having Saturn also in the 1st house and in the diplomatic sign of Libra they aren’t as forceful or aggressive. They often begin things, but struggle to see them through to the end. They get bored very easily and can be very direct at times. Spontaneity is also extremely important to them. Loony’s can be very competitive and enjoy a challenge. Interestingly they also have Pluto in the first house. People’s first impressions of them are very strong (one way or another) and some people may feel very intimidated. They rarely accept the obvious. Instead they look through a situation. Jupiter in the second house of Scorpio, makes them very resourceful. However, they can have a tendency for over indulgence.

Uranus in the Sagittarius 3rd house. Loony’s like to express themselves freely and uniquely. They like to be original and unusual. Freedom of speech and thought is extremely important to them. Loony’s are natural free thinkers. They like to express themselves through writing and public speaking. The more they are able to express themselves in front of their family and friends, the happier they are.

Moon in Aries 7th. Loony’s are drawn to partnerships. They prefer to be part of couple or group. They depend on others for emotional support.

Venus in the Taurus 8th. Loony’s are attracted to everything which is taboo, hidden or forbidden and they wear their heart on their sleeves. Loony’s magnetically draw people to them with their charming and charismatic personality. When they give themself to someone or something, they give it wholeheartedly.
Hannah B (Official Natal Astrologer to the Official Loony Party)