Brecon, Radnor & Cwmtawe

I’m Lady Lily the Pink, AKA ‘Nun of The Above or Below’. I’ll be preaching the gospel of using your vote all over the Brecon, Radnor & Cwmtawe Constituency.
You can find me at all the available hustings between now and 4th July, doing what politicians do, not answering the questions, making promises I have no intention of keeping, and cuddling cute babies for the perfect photo opportunity! I’m here for the non-voters but would also like to increase voter turnout.
I don’t wish to steal anyone else’s votes, stop anyone voting if they have someone to vote for, or to stop anyone who wants to vote tactically doing so.
If you have lost faith, lost interest, don’t see the point, want to protest, need ‘a none of the above’ option then vote for Lily the Pink on the 4th of July!
Lady Lily the Pink