Loony Party Pothole Policy

In the last budget,  just recently, Philip Hammond laid aside  £420,000,000 for potholes.

The Loony Party has proposed, for many a year, that Potholes should be given an ACV, (asset of community value). Save our potholes for our young to cherish in history. We have also, over time, suggested that all potholes, when full of water, should have a yellow plastic duck floating in them, instead of a ring painted around them so that they are easier to see.

As of always, we know from previous ideas of ours, that Government do take notice eventually. I’ve been told on more than one occasion by various MPs, that they will always look at our manifesto because there is always something in there that rings true. I’m prepared to think that this is another one of ours that has come into fruition. Lets take the credit for it!