Local Elections

Just a reminder, there will be local elections in your area on Thursday May the 5th 2022. Parish, Town, District or County. All free of charge no deposit needed. If you intend stand for the Loony Party you have to get a notice of consent from our nominations officer. Easily done by calling him on 07946292557. Also call this number if you’re unsure or need to know anything. Papers will have to be returned to your election office during the first week of April. We already have six councillors, lets see if we can’t double that at least.
Let your local Election Office know that you intend to stand ASAP to get full coverage, they will send you the papers or you can collect them. Any problems, we are here to help.
In the meantime all eyes on Erdington Birmingham for the Parliamentary By-Election on Thurs 3rd March. Our candidate is The Good Knight Sir NosDa, we all wish him luck.
Howling ‘Laud’ Hope