West Lancashire By-Election on the 9th Feb

Party Leader Howling ‘Laud’ Hope was our Loony candidate. Once again, we didn’t win, but 210 people wanted us to represent them in Parliament.

Ormskirk, Skelmersdale and their surrounding areas made up the constituency.

With kind permission from Tim Martin I used ‘The Court Leet’, a Wetherspoon in Ormskirk as my constituency meeting place.

I was there for 10 days, meeting up with Red Rocket Ron from Liverpool and doing ‘The Hustings’. We had some fun and I’m still smiling now about significant incidents.

The count night went as planned apart from not winning.
The Flying Brick, R U Seerius, Lady Helen Back, Red Rocket, Suzy Q, Christopher Robin, Sir Archibald Stanton and his best mate Gilly from Dewsbury, and local party member Nick Antrobus from Warrington, all joined me at the count.

Once again, stars of the show, everybody wanted their photo taken with us.

I would also like to mention the Red Lion in Newburgh, Newbold. Chris and his team looked after us very well.

I reckon at least 100 votes came from that pub alone.
Where will the next one be? We don’t know as yet. If and when, you might want to join in? You’ll be very welcome!

Howling ‘Laud’ Hope – Loony party Leader.