New Years Honours 2023

As is customary, OFFICIAL Loony Ministries have been awarded to worthy recipients for several years now with previous bestowments given to The Nolans, Mike Batt, KT Tunstall, Justin Hawkings, James Blunt and Scarlett Bouvier amongst others. In no particular order, we can now reveal the class of 2023 . . .

Lord Captain Sensible – Minister of Noise.
Along with band mate Dave Vanian, he once carried the coffin of our Spiritual leader, Screaming Lord Sutch, at the Nashville Rooms, gently depositing him on stage in front of the microphone . . . upside down! In light of the other main political parties encroaching on our territory we also feel it is about time that we had a sensible Lord.

Lady Sophie Green – Minister for Conserving Leopards Spots.
An astounding wildlife artist with a passion for conservation, our party colours will be safe in her hands. We chose the colours of the leopard as unlike other political party’s, we never change our spots.

Dr Brian May – Minister of the Badger Starfleet in the Sky at Night returning Back to the Light.
Replacing former Loony Minister, the late, great Patrick Moore, has been a long & difficult process for us. The logic of choosing one of his astronomical friends to plug this black hole seems to have passed over our heads like a shooting star until recently. Needless to say, we are now royally proud to have finally filled this void in our party cabinet.

An honourable mention goes, once again, to all those fantastic members of the NHS who will all be suitably rewarded once we are in Government but until then we will reduce the alphabet to just 23 letters in recognition of the other main political parties, who have sadly, been ignoring the letters N, H & S for far too many years now.