Tokyo Broadcasting Crew

A visit from the prestigious Tokyo Broadcasting System was greeted in Loony HQ, ‘The Lucky Rover’ in Chessington by our Glorious Leader Howling Laud Hope. Also there, Chinners, Lord Lawson, Dr Dave Moore ‘Minister for Daftness’, Badger, Dame Dixon, Reverend Martin Hogbin, Big Norm & Baron Von Thunderclap.
A multi-loony interview and frivolity ensued along with testing out the freshly installed Practice Polling booth, led by the pubs landlord & owners Luck Lord George, Lady Frances & the lovely Lilliemae. Lilliemae continued her campaign for the promotion of our Breckon candidate Lily The Pink from over 300 miles away! The Tokyo crew were given a loony lesson in how to make a Loony point which they carried off with aplomb! >>Link to video<<