Ministerial Loony Activities – Part Tres

We can now proudly update you all with some more of our OFFICIAL Loony Ministers latest and forthcoming antics with more to follow in the next couple of weeks on this website…

Lord Colin Murray – Minister of the Cups of Connection, Conversation & Community*
Despite a recent sip from a cup of Corona, Lord Murray has been a busy boy planning his weeknights show for Radio5Live along with daily gaming in the afternoons on Channel 4. He has now been given the role to monitor the Countdown to the forthcoming General Election which will no doubt result in an OFFICIAL Loony Mudslide.
(* Due to BBC & Channel4 guidelines, The OMRLP are required to point out that Lord Murray is totally impartial and would also be a Loony Minister of any other political party, should they feel inclined to appoint him)

Lord, Rev & Dr Clive Jackson – Minister of Love, Peace & Bananas
With Christmas approaching, Lord Jackson has recorded a cracker of a tune with some friends in aid of the King George & Queen’s Hospital Charity. He can also be found hosting a delightful selection of tunes every Thursday on 365Radio
The Christmas Crackers for King George & Queen’s Hospital Charity

Lord of Asteroid 52665 Brian May – Minister of the Badger Starfleet
With the weather being so unpredictable at the moment, Lord May has come up with a suitably loony umbrella to protect you from these various elements falling from the skies, however, they may not be of any help in defending the plethora of nonsense currently raining down from the unofficial loony politicians. Meanwhile the new series of ‘Andy & the Oddsocks’ gets some Rock n Roll guidance from Lord May

Their show every Thursday at 10am on Radio Alty (which can be accessed via the Radio button on our website) continues to spread the Loony gospel far & wide along with pearls of wisdom & guidance solving listeners Donut Dilemma’s sutch as using Golf club Captains as target practice.

More Ministerial antics coming soon…