Bolney Ward By-election

It wasn’t until the notice of poll was issued that I realised my proposer was an Earle! He and his partner Sas run the 8 Bells where staff and pub dog are all wearing ‘Baron for Bolney’ badges.
Kristy the Conservative candidate canvassed the 8 Bells, but was told that all of Bolney would be voting for Baron! Perhaps that’s why she said that she thought I was going to win the election when she introduced herself at our Parish Council meeting. She asked for some ‘Baron for Bolney’ badges for herself and her family which I gladly gave her so long as she promised to wear one.
If all of those who pledged to vote for me did I would win. In reality the winner will be the Apathy Party – supported by those who don’t vote and then complain about those elected.
Little chance of winning but confident I won’t come last.
Baron Von Thunderclap