Ok it’s the ‘Lets Try Again Time’.

As you are all well aware our 37th Annual Monster Raving Loony Party Conference in Louth, Lincolnshire, 2020 was cancelled.
All things being equal we are negotiating the same place, same venue’s, same entertainment, to happen Thurs 23-24-25-26- September 2021.
See our ‘click on’ at the side of this page for more info.
Trusting you all had a reasonable Christmas and New Year, as best you could. If luck stays with us, see you all there. Carry on where we left off, shall we, I can’t wait!
Hopefully there will be some local elections in May, if current ‘House Arrest’ rules are lifted. We will keep you more in touch about that, as the time draws nearer.
I shall expect to see all the ‘Usual Suspects’ and more in September. Stay Well, Stay Alert, and above all ‘Stay Loony’!!!
Howling ‘Laud’ Hope Your Party Leader.