Conservatives not good for business.

The Conservatives have highjacked the name and concept of Co-ale ition beer using it and publicising it as their own.

Claiming it as his idea,  despite the fact that we have been selling this brand over the South of England for nearly 2 years including in the Prime Ministers home constituency of Witney and having had it in the Strangers bar of the House of Commons.

Contrary to all their hype the Conservatives are not good for the beer business.

Pubs have raised concerns about stocking our Co-ALE-ition beer because it’s now linked to the Tories.

Derril Carr, a Campaign for Real Ale member who helped the Loonies launch their ales said the Loony party’s branded ales were “now inexplicably linked with major politics – which they never were before”.

He said on Buzz feed “There’s a danger that some pubs will no longer order our ales for fear of upsetting their customers, many of whom are not happy with the Tories and the coalition.

“Prior to Cameron’s intervention, our range of ales were seen as fun and non-political, but not any more. We’re now feeling it because pubs are now revisiting whether they want to be associated with our beers.”

The loony party are now concerned that Cameron may decide to highjack our latest campaign video (The Big Fibbers, Monster Mash) with members of the cabinet dancing around like Zombies, although perhaps that may be more fitting.

As we all know many of our policies that were considered loony are now law… We are also concerned that The Conservatives  will go further and plagiarize our  new A-Z manifesto.

r.u. seerius