The MRL Currency Crisis Solution

Once again Secret Squirrel (The Loony Party Think tank) has been pondering the machinations and troubles of the World. His comments on the Currency Crisis once again confirm that in all matters the Loony party is ahead in solutions and thought. You can read the latest offering here:

Now… know what they say penny wise…….Pound foolish………how much is a Pound worth after the government foolishy ignored it in favor of watching pennies?

Presently against the US dollar it is worth $1.41. In 1970(I know it’s so retro, but we’re not going in to the 60’s, times were just too good), it was $2.21, about a 45% crash. The
signs were there, the writing was on the wall……the headlines read…..”Pound COLLAPSES! TAKE WOODEN NICKLES!”

Well at the local coin shop, wooden nickels can be had for 50cents……consider 20 wooden nickles to the wooden dollar…a wooden dollar is now worth $10US,a considerably

higher US dollar rate than the pound! But you’ll see why we won’t consider the British Pound against the Wooden Dollar,though in light of the modern crisis going to the

wooden nickle dollar we would be much better off,there is still yet a better solution.

But I have discovered a much better solution…………originally the currency was the egg………………it then proceeded to the evolution of the Groat, which while it did

not have much value in its day, as the Pound has depreciated, the Groat has increased to the astonishing figure of $140.00.

Now figure that against the US Dollar the 2009 Pound is worth $1.41, but the same US dollar against the Groat,NOWADAYS (just check any coin shop)the 1885 Groat is a

spectacular $140.00. So all that remains to be done, is to change our currency from the Pound Sterling to the Groat Sterling,the 1885 ones.

Ah! Indeed! There’s no Groat like an Olde Groat!