Wakefield By-election Thurs 23rd June 2022

Well done to  ‘Sir Archibald Stanton Earl Eaton’, for not coming last yet again. We beat UKIP and four other parties coming 10th out of 15.
I arrived  on 19th June and ensconced myself into ‘The Victoria Inn’ in Horbury, part of the constituency. I was  covering for Archie on the run up, as he had already booked to go to Crete before the election. Thanks to Christian the landlord, and his customers we had a few laughs and captured a few votes.
Archie arrived home on the Tuesday so we had a couple of days together canvassing. An entourage of 12 attended the count including The Flying Brick, RU Seerius, Lady Helen‘n’Back, Baron Badger. Everybody was pleased to see us, ‘it wouldn’t be a real election if you weren’t here’, we hear that all the time.
I did smile when I heard someone refer to Wakefield as Wokefield! Soon our day will come, maybe next time, who knows, we shall be there!
Howling ‘Laud’ Hope Party Leader