#LoonyQT – Live on Twitter Thurs 14th May, 8.15pm?

Question Time has been the BBC’s “flagship” political program since it was first broadcast back in 1979. It has had 4 main presenters in Sir Robin Day, Peter Sissons, David Dimbleby and current host Fiona Bruce. Historically is has generally had a panel of 5, made up of politicians of the established #LabLibCon trick parties with the occasional token second layer from the SDP & SNP parties along with senior business owners, members of the Church or political journalists.

In recent years, perceived fringe parties sutch as the Green, Plaid Cymru, BNP, Respect & ChangeUK have appeared along with a plethora of appearance’s from the UKIP & Brexit incarnations. Many of these later parties having exactly the same number of MP’s as The OFFICIAL Monster Raving Loony Party, who, ironically have had more of their ideas passed into law than all these ‘fringe’ parties put together!

So after 38 years of waiting, the only thing to do now is hold our own #LoonyQT
We have some fantastic guests lined up for the panel, all whom have been brilliant sports in
agreeing to take part in this as solidarity of what is known as democracy.

On Thursday 14th May at 8.15pm, the cross party panel along with journalists, comedians, celebs and of course OFFICIAL Loony Ministers, will answer 8-10 of your submitted questions as a part of our mission to take people’s minds, however briefly, off the current situation affecting not just the UK, but the whole planet!?

Questions should be sent to us either by DM on Twitter or emailed to LoonyLotto2020@gmail.com by Tue 12th May. All senders of the selected questions asked during #LoonyQT will receive a special Loony Joker Pass which will give ridiculous benefits for the remainder of our #LoonyLotto series of fun & games