Now of course we realise that the systems that have been in place for centuries may need updating, so without wishing to sit on the proverbial political fence we now have two sound pieces of advices for either vote that we put forward for you, the people that actually matter, to democratically decide.

For the YES vote, we say Yes! We know that the Official Loonies are 96.421% of peoples likely second vote … we like this.

However as a party we feel it is only right to give you both sides of the debate  ….

For the NO Vote, we say No! Why would any voter want to contemplate giving any part of their vote to anyone other party other than us? It’s a dialema Jim, but not as they’ve just made up (because that is what the other parties do. We’ve been thinking about fair voting for nearly 40 years now .. oh well!)

Politics is part of our everyday life whether you like it or not. Popping down the shop to by a loaf of bread really is politics whether you like it or not … we are going to let you decide in true British X-Factor style (without charging you £0.99 a minute for no reason) who should implement local and National policy for the next 48 hours … and now a word from our Sponsors:

http://www.igamingbusiness.com/content/william-hill-sponsor-loony-party and as an important reminder …



Other Views

William Hague, the Foreign Secretary, said that AV was a compromise measure, and that both First Past the Post and full PR were preferable.
He added: “Even if one was going to embark on changing the electoral system, this would certainly not be the system to move to.”
“The trouble with the Alternative Vote system is it’s likely to produce election results which are more indecisive or more
disproportionate – or even both at the same time.”
“It would give an additional, repeated vote to people who vote for minor parties.”
Mr Hague said that AV was more expensive to administer, and would favour fringe parties like the British National Party or Monster Raving Loony Party.”



Reference sites for your decisions: YES: http://www.yestofairervotes.org/content/ or NO: http://www.no2av.org/

and for a review: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/politics/av-referendum/8262063/What-would-be-the-impact-of-the-Alternative-Vote.html