The Bigger Fibbers “Monster Mash”

2015_1126_Monster_Mash_CoverNew single – Real music, Real Ale
The Big Fibbers are launching their General Election campaign on April Fools’ Day (Wednesday 1st April) with the launch of their ballot box tapping single “The Monster Mash”. The single is inspired by the wonderfully refreshing Monster Mash ale brewed by the Mash Brewery in Hampshire which is one of the MRLP’s Co-Ale-ition ales.
Alan Howling Laud Hope, leader of the MRLP commented: “We in the MRLP believe that the Monster Mash is a graveyard smash and will catch on in a flash”.

2015_1125_Bigger_FibbersThe launch will take place at The Rhythm Factory, 16-18 Whitechapel Rd. London E1 1EW on 1st April at 8.00 pm. The Bigger Fibbers will play a short set. Members of The Loony Party will be in attendance to answer questions.

A limited edition 7 inch vinyl single will be available from and The track will also be downloadable from all the usual download stores from April 1st. The B Side is a “Pop Concrete” jolly romp mix of the A side crafted by Frindallprod.

Here are three new policies from The Big Fibbers:

  1. Compulsory Dancing – Everyone between the ages of 2 and 102 has to dance for at least 5 mins every week. This will get everyone fit and reduce obesity
  2. Stop drinking water! – Bottled water – What a rip off! – Even drinking tap water costs us a fortune.  Drink Beer instead. Like we used to in the good old days. Drink Monster Mash!
  3. The music industry is dying on it’s feet – too many X factor type shows on TV, too many ‘tribute’ bands. All cover bands must play at least 5, yes you heard us!!  5 of their own songs every gig.