2015_0403_Jersey_FlyerThere is a strong contingent of Loony Party supporters in Jersey so if any of you come to the Island please get in touch or go to our HQ – The Lamplighter Inn – situated in Mulcaster street. The landlord, Shaun Murphy will accord you a very warm welcome indeed.
On a personal note – even though I was rumoured to be six feet under – I am very much alive though have not ben able to attend a conference for a long time. I am “The Jersey Flyer” – aka “Baron Baskerville The Dartmoor Loony. Shadow Minister For Adventure and the welfare of insane pixies, moorland ponies and Uncle Tom Cobley and All”. I am also the Chairman of the OMRLP.
As a result of what I did as a young man in the military I have had to have both ankles removed and bionic machines put in to replace them. It has been a four year struggle but I am walking again and when Alan rang me a short while ago I said I would make every effort to come to Blackpool this year. Professor Nabob from Aldershot will come too so it will be a pleasure to meet you all and see old faces again.
Our Loony 99 pence coins along with our banknotes continue to be admired and much sought after. One day I’ll get around to producing a website!!
with best wishes, Rock On.
THe Jersey Flyer