Chris Dowling – aka ‘The Human Jukebox’

It is with great sadness that we have to report the passing of Crucial Chris Dowling. A loony legend from the early days whilst gigging with our Spiritual Leader Screaming Lord Sutch along Westminster Bridge. He was taught the guitar at 10 years old by Marc Bolan and went on to become a stupendous musician, earning the title of ‘The Human Jukebox’. He headlined many a loony conference and a plethora of loony ‘victory parties’ held the night before the counting of votes.
He wrote one of his best songs for the party’s 2010 General Election. This was themed on the current expenses scandal. At the same time he stood as our candidate in the most suitable of constituencies . . . Barking!

In 2012 he was to be our candidate for London Mayor and his campaign promo had him at his deliciously subversive best!
He lived for live music & loonyism. The party send their deepest condolences to his wife Roni, his family and all the musicians who had their gigs enriched by his presence on stage.
He accused politicians of making him a monster raving loony but in truth . . . it was probably the other way round.

Crucial Chris’s cremation service will be available to watch live on Monday 12th Oct from about 2.35pm using the following access side/passwords. I have arranged with his wife Roni for ‘Monster Mistake’ to be played at the beginning of the service!! – Username Gupu5048 – Password 311114