OFFICIAL Coronation Honours 2023

We politely request that you briefly indulge us at this historic moment. We are rather proud that every year we acknowledge & appoint many new OFFICIAL Loony Ministers that shamefully often get overlooked by the Government’s apparently unbiased & impartial ‘Honours Committee. Queen Elizabeth II is sadly no more so we humbly pledge our oath of alooniegiance to the King and the coronation of the following newly appointed Ministers of the only political party in his realm that is actually registered in name as an OFFICIAL party.

Minister of Heritage – Lord Mike Read
A member of our Spiritual Leader’s ‘Savages’ band in the early 1960’s and then a BBC DJ, master of a Popquiz then a Superstore of silly callers offending the likes of Matt Bianco live on telly.
As an OFFICIAL Minister, he will dispense blue plates of Heritage, Charting historic buildings & places around the UK.

Minister of the Alternative Underground – Lord John Robb
Every successful team, group, community in the wider population, has a tie, bond or connection. We have a membrane, an alternatively loud Membrane, that deafens any aggressors within or outside the realm of this most beautiful of isles.

Minister of Testing Whispers & Whistles – Lord Bob Harris
Sutch is current stage of testing . . . we are unable to comment any further about our future invention that will change the music scene forever. Kazoo’s that whistle when you whisper in them . . . shhh

Minister of Almost Legendary Phantoms, Flans & Flings – Lady Sally James.
Whilst our Spiritual leader, Screaming Lord Sutch, was known for dressing as Jack The Ripper, this was in fact a diversion from his stint as the original Phantom that put the first custard pie in the face of Lady James. This was witnessed at the time by a then 8-year-old Lord Tiswas Bunny . . . so, we know that this information is probably true.

BRAVO to the Queen, BRAVO to the King, BRAVO to our 4 OFFICIAL Ministers on their coronations to commemorate this moment in the Loonyverse.